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Poetry Corner

February 18, 2022

Is GOD Your God?

If GOD is Your God?

Why do you continue to go limp in the arms of depression, brought into a barren place of ineffectiveness?

Why do you tolerate pain to create a home within you, imprisoning your spirit?

If GOD is Your God?

Why do you retreat from a defeated foe, handing over your triumphs that God has won?

If GOD is Your God?

There is no stronger Love.

Each episode in your life brought forth the God in you for the world to see.

What do they see when they look at you?

Do they truly know God is your God?


The Power of Love

Listening beyond words carelessly spoken… Hearing

Reaching through misunderstandings… Touching

Hearing myself say “I Love You” … Forgiving

Dealing with your pain while I’m in pain… Healing

The power of love. Hearing, Touching, Forgiving, Healing

(All Stories and Poetry are original mine and has Copyrights… Belinda M. Lane)

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