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Poetry: Did We Really Win?

April 9, 2021

The revolution of the mind, the soul and of life to be free

The willingness to speak all those unspoken words

To talk, sing, the sense of belonging

Acting instead of re-acting

us-satisfaction instead of self-satisfaction

to Communicate

hate that locks doors

togetherness that unlocks doors

to Remember

when we were chained together

arm and arm, ankle to ankle, back to back

we stood together, escaped together

movements and marched together

to Freedom

now in our Freedom

how free are we?

Did we really win the revolution?

Let’s talk to the screaming mothers

slumped over the lifeless form of their sons and daughters

ask the teenage pallbearer his third time around

let’s step behind the prison walls and ask our fathers, our brothers and our sons

let’s try to wake and ask the addict who still has the needle in his or her arm

let’s put our ear to the bruised lips of the women who have just been beaten by their


let’s look into the eyes of the teenage mothers as she drowns out the cries of her baby

to listen to the cries of her own heart


Now in our freedom, shouldn’t we feel free?

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

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