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Poetry: From the Heart (Collection)

April 30, 2021

From the Heart is a Collection of my poems I wrote mostly in behalf of others celebrating Love, Friendship and Family...

You Believed in Me

When I needed a place to rest my heart

You were there.

When I needed to hear “I Love You”

You whispered into my ear.

When I needed the touch of an assuring hand

You held mine in yours.

When I needed to affirm who I was,

I saw my reflection in your eyes.

When I stood and looked out at the world,

You stood beside me.

When I stepped out to take my place in life

You walked with me.

When I swayed in the storms of life

Your belief in me became my anchor.

Everlasting Friendship

There are people who pass through our lives

and those who really enter our lives.

There are people who touch us

and those who become a part of us.

There are people who listen to us

and those who hear us.

There are people who speak to us

and those who speak in to us.

Then there is you-

Someone who has defined friendship

Through your words and deeds,

A friend who came into my life and stayed,

One who has enriched my life, encouraged me,

and walked alongside me in understanding,

My unique God-sent friend.

Thank you for stopping and staying in my life.

© 2002. All rights reserved

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