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Poetry: Unflinchingly

July 29, 2022

Unflinchingly is how I will begin this journey. This time I will start from where I want to end, not from where I stand now. As I take each step, I will be mindful to consider that each of my steps were thoughts, at first.

At each plateau I will still myself long enough for the joys and pleasures or sadness and disappointments to pass through me and not hold me in a place of stagnation—Embracing the revelation that happiness can make you settle for, just like disappointments.

Life has taught me on this journey that happiness connected to people and things can change without giving you a moment's notice. Gratitude and peace of mind will be the pillows I rest my head instead.

I will not base my decisions along the way on what I see outside of me, but on an awareness of any corrections I need to make on the inside if needed. What is outside is only temporary when there is insight to change within? Just like each twenty-four hours we get another day, so I open myself to receive the mercies that are new every morning.

Unflinchingly is how I will remain on this journey. When the brokenness tries to label me as the downtrodden, persistence will raise me up. The essence of my being will remind me of my genuine nature. I am more than a conqueror because of who lives within me. I do not walk this path alone.

I conquer defeat. A frown turned right-side up and stumbling blocks becoming stepping stones. I will hold no one responsible for my life, realizing that people come into your life to bring a message or to show you a reflection of yourself. In what way I store the message or see, the reflection is up to me.

Unflinchingly is how I will end this journey.

Belinda M. Lane. All rights reserved.

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