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Poetry: What Day is It... Today?

I determined I was going to stay in Today, today.

Still, Yesterday kept drawing me and tugging at me.

Remaining firm in Today, the camera of the yesterday’s

started flashing pictures of what had been real.

My choice had become a struggle to stay in Today, today.

Photos playing as a movie in my mind of Yesterday’s, today.

The movements in my today are so automatic,

I don’t have to be conscious of my actions, just do.

allowing a space in between for thought to overshadow me

Scrambling to stand strong, I look ahead to tomorrow.

Needing to see a better future, craving and clinging to hope.

Exhausted between yesterday and tomorrow

I realized another Today has passed without me

(All Stories and Poetry are original mine and has Copyrights… Belinda M. Lane)

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