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Churchgoers Temptation

June 26, 2020

Churchgoer stood and looked at the sign over the door that read Way of Escape, reasoning that Temptation was common to man and would not be more than he could bear. Deep down inside he knew it was time to go through the door, but hesitated determined to prove this time he was strong enough not to be overcome by Temptation.

Churchgoer noticed that Guilt had been walking further and further behind him. He had to admit that lately when Guilt came and stood by him, he did not feel as remorseful as he did when he first met Temptation. He had learned the only way to get rid of Guilt was when he repented. Anyway, no one knew about his relationship with Temptation so no one was being hurt and this Temptation was now the acceptable norm.

Churchgoer decided that he would have one last meeting with Temptation and this time when he apologized for his sin, oh he meant repented, he would absolutely mean it. Although when he looked at Temptation he could sense that, something was different, but could not figure out what.

Several months passed and Churchgoer knew it was time to walk away from Temptation. “I’m leaving you,” Churchgoer announced to Temptation, as he turned to walk toward the door marked Way of Escape.

After taking a few steps he felt a cold chill go through his body, the door was no longer there and neither was the sign. Looking around frantically for his Way of Escape, he hears a loud shrieking voice behind him. As he turns around, he is face to face with the most hideous looking presence he has ever seen. Churchgoer is unable to move and is stifled by an odor; he knew must be the stink of Death.

“What is happening?,” he asks the Presence. “Where is my Way of Escape?” “The Way of Escape only comes with Temptation,” replies the Presence. “Where is Temptation?” Churchgoer screams out in panic.

The Presence begins to turn around and as he turns, he takes on many different forms. “Stop,” Churchgoer yells out as the Presence is turning, “that’s my Temptation!” “Yes,” the Presence confirmed, “that is one of my most favorite form. As you continued to spend time with Temptation and ignored your Way of Escape, Temptation then changed. When Temptation is no longer present in your life the Way of Escape is no longer present either.”

“If I haven’t been with Temptation all these months, who have I been with?” The Presence begins to turn around again, showing his many different forms. “Stop,” Churchgoer yells, “I recognize this is who I have been with for quite sometime, why didn’t I notice that it was not Temptation?”

“You saw things the way you wanted them to appear and not as they truly were, by looking through the eyes of your wants and self-satisfaction. You thought you had mastered what had really mastered you,” the Presence responds.

The Presence continues, “This is my most prized form, this form is called Stronghold. “Only in seed form is this known as Temptation.”

Weaken by all that has taken place, Churchgoer whispers, “I never realized that Temptation could become a Stronghold.”

“Most people don’t,” the Presence said as he moves towards Churchgoer. Backing away from the Presence and looking around the room, he realizes Guilt is no longer there, but sees two other figures are there.

“Who are they?” Churchgoer asks shaking almost uncontrollably. “They are Deceit and Lies, you will need them now to hide behind.” the Presence laughs “They are my faithful workers”.

It is Sunday morning and Churchgoer is getting ready for service. “LORD, I need your help,” he whispers as he leaves for church. Getting out of his car in the church parking lot, he hears what sounded like thunder and looks up toward the sky. Feeling remorseful as he walks towards the church he knows Guilt is walking beside him.

What he does not realize is that the whisper to God for help set off a battle in the heavens on his behalf. The outcome of this battle will depend on Churchgoers true repentance.

The morning service was more than Churchgoer could have ever imagined. Leaving the church he felt renewed, he felt free and cleansed. He hears again, what sounds like thunder and looks up toward the sky, this time he gives out a shout of praise, “Hallelujah”. The thunder that is going on in the heavens now is the rejoicing from Churchgoers assigned angelic forces celebrating a victorious battle.

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights! )

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