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Story: The Arena

(This is from a chapter of some of my writings in 2010)

October 14, 2022

Victim is on the witness stand testifying against Purpose. While testifying, he suddenly grabs his chest and falls from his chair. The Courtroom is silent as two beings are pressing on Victim’s chest. They are Love and Forgiveness who see no signs of life. As they are about to give up, Purpose walks over and takes Victim’s hand.

“Try one more time,” Purpose says.

As the team started the CPR process again, Forgiveness smiles.

“He’s breathing.”

Purpose tightens his grip on Victim. Suddenly coughing, Victim slowly opens his eyes and finds he is looking into the eyes of Purpose. The paramedics arrive and take over. As they are wheeling Victim out of the courtroom, Love and Forgiveness leave with him. Judge Time, unable to believe all that has taken place in his courtroom, dismisses court until tomorrow morning.

While Victim lies in the ambulance, his thoughts take over. He realizes he has to conquer the things within. Even though his life seems successful outside, inwardly the pain had become unbearable.

Moving slowly, he proceeds to the Arena of his Mind. Passing scenes in his life, he becomes anxious regarding the battle that he knows is before him. He can hear the whispers as he passes the secret places in his mind. He grips his heart, realizing that he has to abandon his distorted perceptions of life in order to be free. This is not his first time here in this place, but he resolves within himself that this will be his last time here.

Relentlessly, he presses forward. Many will wait for him in the Arena of his Mind, believing he will give in as he has in the past. Some will not show, because they feel he will always depend on them. Some will be here only to be entertained by what they echoed at his wimpy whining prayers. They will snicker and sneer, as they watch him leave defeated once again. While holding to the belief that this is his plight in life, to never experience happiness or peace within.

As he enters the Arena of his Mind, he sounds the battle cry. “Lord, help me please!” Immediately his longtime companion stands before him—angry for being back in this place again.

We’re losing him!” the paramedics in the back holler to the driver. Love and Forgiveness hold on to his hands.

Victim’s longtime companion reaches out his hand to show him the same glitter as always, but for the first time, he sees the glitter turning to slime. Staggering at the sight of what he has held onto for so long, he gasps for breath.

The paramedic began working on Victim, who has stopped breathing again. Love and Forgiveness hear the paramedic whispering a prayer. “LORD, please don’t let this man die. I believe there is something he has not done yet.”

Victim’s companion stands with a stern look. “You won,” he says as he turns and walks away.

Victim stands up inside with a boldness like he has never felt before. Suddenly, Words of Life surround him, “Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may stand against the tricks of the devil.”

Had this been a trick to make him think he conquered the enemies of his mind? Without thinking, he runs back to the center of the arena, confronting what has been a part of him for so long.

“You fool, did you think I would let you go?” his longtime companion declared defiantly, as he signals for his regiment to surround Victim? Those who have made a home within him for so long: depression, loneliness, lust, not being able to forgive and pride comes out of his secret place. There is no escape. He doesn’t want to believe he’s doomed to this way of life. His tormentors piercing and taunting him.

The paramedics arrive at the hospital, and a team frantically works on him.

Victim braces himself for the blows and with no strength of his own; he whispers “Lord, help me,” a second time. Immediately, he feels something in his hand. When he looks, it is a sword in his hand and the other hand lays a shield. Behind him a Presence draws him to his feet, covering him. Unable to turn around, he knows this Presence is with him, not against him. His tormentors fall prostrate before the Presence. Victim recognizes the sword and shield from his dream and knows they would forever be a part of his life.

The Words of Life stand beside him, echoing, “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is LORD.”

Victim’s longtime companion, who has camouflaged himself, falls to his knees with fear and trembling. With sword and shield in his hand, Victor turns and bows down. No more will he be called Victim, he gives reverence and thanksgiving to the one who he would call his LORD. Leaving the Arena of his Mind, he knows there is something before him that only he has to do.

“Okay, people, he’s going to make it,” the doctor announces.

(All Stories and Poetry are originally written by Belinda M. Lane. All rights reserved)

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