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  • Belinda Lane

Story: Going Home!

August 12, 2022

Lynn sat down in the chair and closed her eyes. Now, in the later years of her life, she realized she had almost subconsciously muted most of her feelings. Her only dominate feeling now was sadness. As she sat with this realization, she tried hard to feel other emotions. But sadly, she either silenced them completely or smothered them along her life path unnoticed.

Outwardly, she still had the award-winning smile that seems to be contagious to everyone she met. She always had a word of encouragement for others. Words that appeared to move them to a better place. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was not related to the pain she had suffered in life. She thought of the pain she had received from others. Some were oblivious, and she knew the reason. But her greatest pain was from people she knew, with no apparent reason why!

As she sat in contemplation, an overwhelming sense of peace spread over her. A relief! She had always had an imagination, one that she lived in most of the time. This feeling was different. Peace! A complete silence, yet she could hear.

“Welcome Home,” she heard a voice speak, but not disturbing the silence. Immediately, with crystal clarity, she knew she had died. Lately, she had been telling God how tired she was and life seemed to have lost all meaning. Lynn was always good at what she did in life, always excelling on every job. Still, with many positions they offered to her to move up the ladder, she refused. She accepted certificates, trophies and recommendations and placed them on the shelf of her life, hidden.

Now in the silence, it was all over. The life she had lived had ended. The sadness that was a major part of her life was gone. She was at peace.

Then out of nowhere, I heard a voice. “Hello daughter, thank you for visiting me today.”

Startled, I heard myself whisper, “Father!”

“I have been waiting for you and so have your big brother.”

“Jesus,” I heard myself whisper.

“Yes, and I have been watching you with some concern. Your spirit is broken. I am happy with the calls I get from you daily. I watch you handling problems and situations arising in your life. Situations your big brother has told you to bring before us. When you do, he is beside you, taking them from you and handing them to me.”

“Father, I’m so sorry I wasted my life and had to die to come home.” I said, as my eyes watered.

“You are not here permanently, Daughter. This is only a visit. I have opened myself up for my children to visit anytime. Most only call me and rarely come by to visit and spend time with me. The cares of their world keep them busy and putting off having time to visit. I can’t tell you as I look at my children daily and their struggle and achievement. I long to be a part of what they experience.”

“Father, I always feel in my most disappointing times I’m disappointing you as well. My feeling is that I want to come to you with accomplishments and not broken. My big brother gave his life for me to live a victorious life and when I experience failure, shame overtakes me. You gave your only son for me, still I stumble through life, a (lost) child of the King.”

“Daughter, I am your father, but most equate me as a father through eyes, as they would experience their earthly father. So when you don’t feel you measure up, you stay away from me rather than run to me. My arms are always open, waiting for you, to hear you, to heal and refresh you.”

“Father, my life is not where I thought it would be.”

“Who told you that? Are you measuring your life by the material surrounding your finances or job? What makes you believe you are not right where you are supposed to be? Have you come home long enough for us to discuss where you are supposed to be?”

“No, father, I just thought as I look around, this just can’t be all there is to be to life.”

“All what you perceive to be your life for you or my life for you?”

“Are there people in your life who are better because you are there? Is the misery, because you long to be somewhere else, believing you will be happier? And how do you know you would be happier?”

The Lamb of God says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. These are words I spoke not only while on earth, but for an eternity. Oh, what needless pain you carry, little sister!”

“Daughter, let your visits be often. I already know what you will face in life, good and bad. The way has already been prepared for every situation in your life. Just come! Let spend time together and I promise even the smallest, seemly unimportant things in your life will bring you joy. Leave the noise of your life and come

visit often.”

“Thank you, father and thank you, big brother. I will come back home often.”

As Lynn moves throughout the rest of her day, there is a newness. They had mended her broken spirit during her visit home. As she looks around her life, she knows she is right where she is supposed to be in her life. No longer judging her life on her surroundings of what she has and doesn’t have in life. Knowing God doesn’t make mistakes and has already set in place corrections for the mistakes she will make. She is right where she is supposed to be in her life.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

(All Stories and Poetry are originally written by Belinda M. Lane. All rights reserved)

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