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June 10, 2022

It would be an understatement to say I have known this week’s writer for all his life. I was there at his birth, which is still one of the highlights of my life. Known as Alex to family and Jay to his friends, he is an amazing man, and not just because he is my son.

James Alexander Spencer is the youngest of my two sons and falls third in our blended family of 4 children. Two Men and Two Women. Alex grew up as most boys do, mischievous and secretive, energetic, and smart. At a young age (as most do) he embraced technology in the way of games. I tried my best at keeping up with him and trying to find a common ground to bond with him but retired from gaming when he was about 9 years of age.

We were playing either Mortal Combat or Soul Caliber and he was looking at me instead of the screen, talking junk and beating me terribly. The only payback I could get was in sports games especially Baseball. But his love would carry throughout his teens into adulthood. As a child he said he wanted to design games and would even draw them out. Though I felt that the chances of that happening was slim with him being in the US when most games were being developed in Asian markets, I let him be him. At one point he asked for tapes to learn the Japanese language. Of course, I brought them but can’t remember how far he got.

After graduation I wanted him to set his sights on college. After a semester or two (a year of so) he informed me that instead of sitting in college classes he would like to get IT certifications. He said just “Trust Him, and I wouldn’t be disappointed.” Though I have never asked, I knew this was his passion. And go for it he did. He studied, read, and applied himself. He started working on certifications and achieving them. Starting with smaller companies he propelled himself into now working for a well-known company/agency.

You always want your children to surpass you in their chosen endeavor and he has done that. He shares my love of music, animation, and comics. Recently we took in a movie, which is something we had not done in some time. The attention that he paid to the film and what was going on made me smile. We were in sync catching clues and “easter eggs’ as they unfolded. Yes, he is my son, but he is truly as I said before, an amazing man. In his 30s I know his story is just beginning. I pray every day that I see just where God is taking him.

“Alex” currently resides in Virginia with his beautiful wife Kharika. He is a brother, uncle, and son. At the time of this writing, fatherhood is just weeks away. He is an IT

J. Anthony Spencer

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