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Life Takes A Vacation

July 10, 2020

Life was resting on top of a mountain when the decision was made, “I will go on a vacation,” Life says. “I’m not appreciated here, anyway.” Therefore, Life packed and left. Challenges and Circumstances heard that Life had left, and they went away for a while, since they received their orders from Life there would be no need for them now. Hope getting the news that Challenges and Circumstances were gone also left because without Challenges and Circumstances there would be no need for Hope. Prayer knew he would be lonely when he found out that Hope had left, because without Hope no one would have a need for Prayer. Faith out of work died.

“Do you think Life will come back soon?” Dreams said to Visions after realizing they had been idle for quite a while. “I hope so,” Visions said, “because Life supplies everything we need to live.” “But does mankind know this?” Dreams asked. “Mankind will stop living and merely exist without us” Dreams continued. Visions while scanning the horizon responded, “I don’t think Mankind understands.” “It’s unfortunate that he never figured out why things happen in Life.” The announcement that Life had left spread throughout the land. Hopelessness, Fear, Lies and Doubt couldn’t believe what they had been hearing and got busy, not knowing if or when Life might come back. Darkness blanketed the land. Fear and Lies killed Dreams and Visions. Doubt imprisoned Belief, and Hopelessness looking around declared himself the new ruler of Mankind.

Hopelessness had been in authority for a while, addressed his new subject. “Mankind you have been standing around this one spot for a long time,” he said, practically laughing. “I know,” Mankind responded. “I haven’t had a desire to do anything.” Hopelessness putting his arms around Mankind says, “Look, there’s Future over there!” “Where,” responded Mankind? “I don’t see Future.” “Good,” Hopelessness said to himself, he just wanted to establish Mankind saw no Future. “Oh, it must have been someone else,” Hopelessness said. “Then I guess this is all there is for you,” he said, walking away.

Later, Mankind sat slumped against a tree; he sensed that someone was passing by. Looking up, he saw it was Life. Jumping up, Mankind runs and catches a hold of Life. “Life, where have you been?” Mankind asked. I’m lost without you!” he continues. “I just went on vacation,” Life responded. “Since most people complained about me anyway, I didn’t expect they would miss me.” “That’s not true!” Mankind said. “Things have been terrible since you left, I have made no accomplishments and there is an emptiness inside of me I can’t describe.”

“Mankind you must understand who I am in order for you to live and not just exist. I put you in Circumstances to ignite Dreams and Visions inside of you. I send Challenges to develop character, integrity, and courage beyond anything you could imagine yourself to have. This is my way of introducing you to the real you. Then, I placed the Future in your mind’s eye for you to understand the Vision for your life, inspiring Hope to come to you. Hope will keep you hand in hand with Prayer. Prayer will provide direction and answers you need to keep Faith alive, leading you to places already placed in your heart.”

“The activities I put in place will cause History Makers to emerge from the masses. True leadership will appear to the platforms of the world. I do not offer you struggle or defeat, I grant you opportunities to do extraordinary things. The choice is yours to walk away from me and exist, or to take my hand and live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Remember these words, a promise to you, I have come that you may have Life, and Life more abundantly. If you allow me to work according to the power already within you, you will experience exceedingly and abundantly more than you can ask or think.”

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights)

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