• Belinda Lane

My Name is Purpose:  Docket No. 555

July 3, 2020

(There will be no Discussion today, because of the length of the story. I hope you enjoy! Have a Safe and Enjoyable Fourth of July Weekend)

Appearing before the judge at my arraignment they denied me bail. The proof given by the prosecuting attorney was that I was considered a menace to society and that was enough to hold me until my trial. They gave me a court-appointed lawyer named Destiny and I learned the prosecutor name was Deception. I didn’t find out until I entered the courtroom that the jury was the Heart of Man.

My trial date was September 7th (my birthday). I’m escorted to the courtroom by a guard. As he removed the handcuff he whispered “Hold on to Faith” and then nodded for me to go sit down. . During my stay in jail the guard revealed he was my guardian angel. Once seated, I looked pass Destiny and fixed my eyes on Deception. Destiny getting my attention showed me the witnesses who would testify against me. It surprised me to see Waiting for My Breakthrough, who I thought would be on my side. I wasn’t surprised to see Broken Dreamer and Victim, they probably volunteered.

I asked Destiny who was testifying on my behalf what I was told made me look at Destiny in total disbelief. My two witnesses were Circumstance and Challenges. I knew they would doom me and I would be committed to a life sentence. I could see the headlines: Menace to Society, given a life sentence with no chance of parole.

The judge gavel bought me back to the present moment. “We will now hear open remarks from Deception”. Deception has a deep voice and speaks eloquently; he is an orator in every sense of the word. Gazing at the Heart of Man, Deception starts. “I will get straight to the point. They have assigned me the most grueling task of my career, which is saving the life of Mankind”.

“We have a destroyer among us. I will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Purpose is responsible for the breakdown of our society”. Showing statistics where many died prematurely of diseases bought on them by stress. “We cannot continue to allow Purpose to infringe upon the mind and heart of people with unrealistic promises of dreams and goals in life that sometimes do not even exist”.

“Look at our society and you’ll see that it fills our streets with begging people who had at one time followed Purpose and have come to this demise in life”. Deception’s voice slowly escalates. “What does this mean to you and me as hard-working citizens? It means that it forces us to take care of them by creating policies and organizations built around their failures. Purpose left them broken, victimized and without hope”.

Slowly turning his back to the jury, Deception points directly at Purpose, then swings back around and hits the jury stand with his fist, startling most of them. “It is your duty to stop this madness that is destroying the very fiber of life”. Bringing his voice to a calmer pitch, the real theatrics that he is known for by his colleagues begin. “You will hear from witnesses that will give you a clear picture of what is happening to Humanity. These witnesses are a representation of your family members and your neighbors. Thank you!”

The Judge Time is smiling; almost laughing at Deception’s performance. “Destiny, we will now hear your opening remarks”. Destiny starts his open statement but stands at his seat beside Purpose for the jury to focus on.


“Purpose has given Mankind a reason to think and move beyond what seems impossible to imagine, let alone exist. It is my goal to show that Purpose has been the guiding force by which we have progressed from the horse and buggy to walking on the moon. Purpose is a place where an idea becomes an invention, where dreamers become world leaders and believers see beyond what they could not see with their natural eyes.”

“You have just been told how Purpose is a destroyer of our society, but I ask you to just think about where we would be as a society if we didn’t have Purpose in our lives? The prosecutor would have you believe that anyone who followed Purpose became a failure. But we believe that by the end of this trial you will support Purpose.” Although his remarks were short, Destiny can tell by the look on the jurors’ faces that he made an impact. So can Deception.

Reporters from around the world filled the courtroom with their cameras. The trial begins with relentless arguments on both sides. The days that followed were almost unbelievable if you hadn’t been present. The entire legal teams for both sides had been watching this case closely and entered into deep discussion each evening. One such occurrence was after Destiny gets Broken Dreamer to confess she did more dreaming about what she wanted to do. She stated she stayed more in her comfort zone than doing the work to change her life.

Also, Victim who stated he became wealthy without the aid of Purpose. Yet he wore inwardly and outwardly the pain of life. Destiny convinced him, that to forgive was the only way he could heal and be free to live a peaceful life. Those words resonated so deeply within him, that he stood and looked at Purpose and said, “I forgive you”. The judge recessed the trial until the next day. The courtroom was in an uproar with uncontrollable cheers supporting Victim.


Deception is sitting in the courtroom alone when he hears the door open and close. The very presence of the one who entered is so stifling that he could hardly breathe. He stands and turns slowly to face The Accuser.

Deception is about to speak when he locks eyes with him and becomes paralyzed.

“Defeat is my weapon, I will not allow my weapon to be used against me,” The Accuser says with a coldness that sent chills throughout the room.

“I know,” Deception said.

“Don’t speak!” the Accuser cuts him off. “Excuses are the poison I give out,” he proclaims in a rage. “I have skillfully put excuses in place to always work for me, not against me. Excuses have crippled families, caused men and women to die and not realize their real potential. I have used this poison to cause races to self-destruct and fight each other, and now you want to give me an excuse!”

Deception felt all strength leaving him. The Accuser turns and moves slowly towards the door and without looking back, gives his last order, “I will not accept another defeat, do your job” he says as he walks out the courtroom.

With the chill of his presence lingering, Deception gathers up his papers, knowing that the night ahead of him will be long. Thoughts of the continuation of the trial tomorrow morning consume him as he leaves the courtroom.


This had been a lengthy trial. Much longer than expected. Waiting for My Breakthrough the persecutor’s star witness was determined not to give in to the defense. Waiting for My Breakthrough had done just that all her life, waited for a breakthrough.

Deception had sent for help and was reassured when he saw Lies and Fear was in the courtroom's rear. Purpose was not prepared to see his old enemy, Stronghold, when he walks into the courtroom. They immediately lock eyes and stillness falls over the courtroom. Behind Stronghold walks in Truth and the atmosphere of the room immediately changes.

With Truth joining Faith who had been there from day one of the trial, Purpose is a little more relaxed. Purpose knew that it had been Faith that had held him together during the lengthy trial. Whenever he felt discouraged or faint he would look at Faith and hope revitalized him. Faith never wavered.

Hours before the trial started on the last day, the legal team for both sides met in the judge’s chamber. Each wanted another member of their team to give the closing arguments and it had to be agreed on both sides. The Accuser and The One Who Is Called Faithful were present. The Accuser had let Deception know he wouldn’t be doing the closing remarks and that his incompetence could no longer be tolerated. Challenges and Circumstance had made him look like a fool in front of the world.

Challenge is believed to be arrogant, but in truth he wasn’t. It is a unique quality of strength and endurance. We know him to awaken dead dreams, bring weak minds to a state of brilliance and to cause ones who only exist to experience a life beyond their initially perceived potential. All because of his unyielding determination which drives individuals to live and not just exist. The Accuser hates Challenge just as much as he hates Purpose and Truth.

Challenged explains, “Man’s life is on a timetable from the time he is born until when he dies. Their parents are only a vehicle to get them here. Man comes into life with a destiny; no one is here by accident. Regardless of how conceived, their lives still have Purpose”. When the prosecutor tried to stop Challenge, he is overruled by the judge and allowed to continue.

“When a person chooses not to follow Purpose, their future takes a different path in life. They are not likely to achieve their true purpose. Many people have achieved outstanding things by man’s standard while on the wrong path. They achieved a good thing rather than the right thing”.

“The impact of their perceived greatness has left them empty, because not feeling connected or not affecting the lives assigned to them. As a result, the emptiness they feel from the perceived achievement causes them to believe that something was wrong with them. There have been people of significant wealth and fame who have committed suicide or who have become addicted to drugs because they were still searching for fulfillment”.

“Many are held back in life, because they are still trying to take with them those who are not to be where they are going in life. People will get an inner witness of no and still hang on. They resolve in their mind to ignore what they feel within.” Challenge testimony left Deception fumbling for words.

Circumstance testimony is the one I believe won the heart of the reporters. They printed verbatim what he said regarding Purpose.

Circumstance: “I would say that I’m a personal coach for Mankind. I encourage Mankind to move pass their fears and to do extraordinary things in life. Most people quit when they are just one or two steps away from where they want to be in life”.

“Fear holds a person in a place that he or she doesn’t want to be. Fear takes a person's identity. Also, people will allow someone else to validate their life. By telling them they are nothing and they live out that person's belief. For many this started in their childhood and for others through life’s mishap or a tragedy”.

“I push a person from within to take the next step through creating situations in their life, unfavorable conditions to move them, not destroy them. Encouraging them to go beyond the labels placed on them of someone else beliefs. In most cases they now wear the same labels as that person. When they follow the picture in their mind, they become what they see whether good or bad. I try to help them through my role in their life to see their true purpose.” Circumstance turns and looks at Purpose, causing the jury to turn and look at Purpose.

Destiny looks over at the jury and is satisfied as he looks at their expressions.


The Accuser has no verbal objection to The One Who Is Called Faithful, who is making the closing remarks for the other side. Not once did The Accuser look at The One Who Is Called Faithful while in the judge’s chambers.

“The court is in session,” the bailiff Life announces.

“Accuser, we will now hear your closing remarks,” Judge Time instructs.

The Accuser stands, knowing that the eyes of all his followers are on him as he walks out to face the jury, the Heart of Man.

“You have heard the testimonies of the witnesses concerning the devastation Purpose brought to their lives. You have heard the demands Purpose put on their lives to accomplish goals he has determined for them. How he captivates their hearts, leaving them with visions they find out after years of sacrifices, loss of health, broken marriages and families torn apart that they were only chasing an illusion”.

“How does one get back those years, such as Waiting for My Breakthrough, who at her age sees no hope of a future? We must keep in mind that the success of this case will set a precedent throughout the world. We will no longer tolerate Purpose getting away with deceiving the people in order that he may exist, or convincing them he is the reason they exist. Victim’s life is proof that you do not need Purpose to be successful in life”.

Let us not forget Broken Dreamer, whose life he has crippled by physical pain and mental anguish. This has kept her on medication for years, all behind following Purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, you must remember the facts you have heard. Throughout this trial that continues to affect the masses of people out there. I say to you, the jury, the Heart of Man; it is your supreme duty to convict Purpose not for a life sentence. We are asking for the sentence of death to stop this madness.” The Accuser believes he has touched the core of man’s heart.


The One Who Is Called Faithful walks over to the jury, then turns to face Purpose. “Purpose clothes you with the garment of significance you will wear while here on Earth. This garment of significance awakens you within from the sleep that took place during your birth. You initially awoke only acknowledging self after you were born”.

“This garment is to cover you as you fulfill your mission in life against the opposition that you will encounter. The opposition that will come will be under many guises. Such as physical and emotional abuse, poverty, race, gender and the physically challenged to hide your purpose. Many of these you were born into which allowed others to become a part of your journey to ensure that you would be ineffective in fulfilling your destiny”.

“We will consider these areas tragic. Yet the greatest tragedy is for you to refuse to acknowledge your meaning. Circumstance and Challenge are not to paralyze you. Stop reliving those moments. Many forfeit their mission in life by living in that place called Memory under the lordship of Unforgiving”.

“Purpose’s job is to help you stop living as a victim and to acknowledge your value.” “We all carry dreams within and Purpose supports those dreams. Purpose shields you from disappointments, discouragements, ridicule and misunderstandings. As you embark upon the journey to fulfill the dream that lives within you. This journey teaches many lessons you will need to learn in wearing your rewards with humility and to live the life meant for you to live”.

“It’s when you take your eyes off Purpose that you felt the weariness of the journey. Becoming like Broken Dreamer and settling for what life bought her. Purpose activates the will of a person to see beyond what the eyes can see. By breaking through any barriers that stand in your way of fulfilling what’s inside of you. You will not see obstacles, but opportunities. Purpose is setting a goal that will cause you to dig deep within. A goal which brings out, the treasures you are to release”.

“You must understand you do not have to search for a purpose. You came here with your purpose inside of you and the ability to bring it forward. Waiting for My Breakthrough found out that her breakthrough was always with her and not something that you sit around and wait to happen. A Breakthrough is not a thing, it’s a decision.”

“Victim found out, without this understanding you will wear the rewards with selfishness or will become hard within. I leave you with this. True Purpose will give you lessons to live by and true rewards you needed to enjoy your journey.” “Don’t let disappointment and discouragement carry you into dry places where you cannot quench the thirst of your dreams. Purpose will bring joy to your heart coupled with satisfaction and peace. Thank you!”


Waiting for the verdict Purpose is back in his jail cell. Purpose stretches across the bed, exhausted from all the events of the trial. During the trial someone, which he believes was his guardian angel had placed a mustard seed in his cell on his pillow. He had held onto it in his hand during his trial until it sprouted and he planted in a pot which sits on the table next to his bed.

Each time he returned to his cell, Faith came with him. As he falls asleep, he hears the words of Judge Times as he instructs the jury. “Heart of Man, you have heard the testimonies and the closing remarks from each side and you have an ultimate responsibility as the jury. You are to decide whether Purpose is guilty or innocent of the charges against him. If you find Purpose guilty, the prosecutor will seek the death penalty. Heart of Man, the life of Purpose rests within you.”

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

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