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Story: Armed and Extremely Dangerous!

The Saint after turning off the alarm thanks God for another day and after giving God the praise and honor, the Saint immediately goes into her prayer requests. Lord, I pray for salvation for my Aunt Emma that she will completely give her life over to you. I pray healing for my neighbor Mr. Charlie who has been recently diagnosis with cancer and says he is struggling in his faith concerning his illness. Lord, I pray for cousin Ben who is on drugs and just sentenced to prison for five years for some trouble he is in now. I pray for complete deliverance for his life.

The Rulers of Darkness assigned to be over Aunt Emma, Mr. Charlie and Cousin Ben requested an emergency meeting with the Deceiver. Spiritual Wickedness and Stronghold were present.

“It’s becoming harder for me to influence Emma, her niece the Saint, has been in continuous prayer for her salvation,” The Rulers of Darkness explained. “A lot of the things she used to do, she is not doing them anymore.”

Stronghold stepped forward, “the same Saint has been praying for Ben the addict and I am losing my grip on him.”

The Deceiver waited to hear what Spiritual Wickedness had to say, and he reported that the same Saint had been praying for her neighbor Charlie and I heard him tell his wife he’s feeling stronger in faith.”

“Rulers of Darkness and Spiritual Wickedness I want you all to focus on the Saint, I want her life turned upside down,” the Deceiver said getting up from his chair. “We are talking about one person interfering with our work in the lives of these people, he continued. Stronghold you will tighten your grip on the other three and I will assign Fear and Lies to work with you on this assignment.”

The Deceiver looks around the room at everyone as he concludes, “Remember, it only takes a little to upset most of these Christians; hit them with a sickness, or hit their finances with one unexpected bill and we will have them back where we want them, blaming their God for not moving in their situations.” Everyone in the room breaks out into laughter as they leave the meeting and take their assigned places.

In the meantime, the Saint is finishing her Morning Prayer time. “I stand on your Word Lord that the prayers of the righteous availeth much. I know you will answer the prayers presented to you.”

The Saint gets up from kneeling beside the bed and starts preparing for work. First the Saint’s put around her waist the center portion of the body truth. Positioning the Saint’s upper and lower body to operate in honesty and holds the body from any looseness.

Next, the breastplate of righteousness placed to cover the heart where unconditional love lives and to keep her from putting conditions on love because of the actions of people. Walking over to her shoes she steps into the gospel of peace, which prepares her to be mobile for God in every way to bring about peace.

Looking around the room her eyes rest on the shield of faith, above all things this she must take. She picks it up and looks at it; she understands that this stops the flaming dart of gossip, offenses, lies and deception to name a few; she places it by the door so she won’t forget it when she leaves. Then looking back she thinks about the shield of faith that it also provides a covering for all God has committed to her and keeps her constant shield from doubt.

The Saint now takes the helmet of salvation and puts it on thinking of the many benefits that operate from wearing this. Her mind covered as she think, solve problems and confront situations out of the mind of Christ.

The sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, living, powerful, and piercing to divide what is real and what is an illusion, discerning the thoughts and the intentions of the heart. Daily praying in seasons and out of seasons with all prayers and supplication earnestly and humbly in the Spirit, being watchful through interceding and praying protection for all saints.

Pulling out of the driveway in the complete armor of God, she also understands that anything that seems to be beyond her ability to conqueror, that having done all to stand, she must continue to stand.

Months have gone by and the Saint’s life has taken hits on every side. A close family member becomes ill. The company she worked for over 28 years closes unexpectedly and because she was the company Senior Accountant she is being investigated by the IRS regarding the company finances.

But it appears as if the Saint has been unmoved by all that has happened in her life. Each morning she continues to dress in the full armor of God. Aunt Emma has given her life over to God. She has joined the church Outreach Team and is a witness on the streets about the love and peace of God.

Mr. Charlie received a clean bill of health on his last visit to the doctor. Now he and his wife are teaching a Monday night class for a support group on “The Rewards of Walking in Faith.”

The judge placed Cousin Ben into a rehabilitation program, rather than having to go to prison. Not one time did the Saint lose focus of the assignment God had committed to her!

The Deceiver walks into his office and sees the Saint’s file on his desk. Opening the file to read the report, closing it he stamps in red across the Saints file... Armed and Extremely Dangerous!

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