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Story: Breakthrough's Story

February 26, 2021

She has heard it preached most of her life. “God will carry you through; there are blessings on the other side just for you.” And this time was no different. This particular proclamation was issuing from the well-dressed preacher on the pulpit. The congregation would rise and react with hands clapping, handkerchiefs waving, tambourines shaking, and echoes of “Hallelujah.”

Waiting for My Breakthrough would consistently get so caught up dancing down the aisle, occasionally needing an usher to help her settle down. Leaving the service, Doubt would linger for her outside of the church to accompany her home.

“You’ll never make it. Look how long you have been following God. What do you have to show in your life for all the times of serving?” Doubt would torment.

“Just be a good person, do your church duties, and leave this faith walk alone. It’s gotten you nowhere all these years. This faith walk has been just too stressful on you.” Doubt would say the same thing each time she left church.

Tearful, Waiting for My Breakthrough would remember the prayers and recall how she would face circumstances she didn’t see coming. She would speak what she saw or how she felt, which would always undo her prayers, putting her right back at the starting place where she had been for years.


Once home from church, she goes to her drawer where she kept her journals. Choosing the one marked GOALS, she focuses on one of her major ones. Thoughts seem to flood her mind and she makes some modifications to her original goal. In six months she had met her goal and life changes in a way she thought was impossible. She found herself suddenly reflecting how long her goal had been in her drawer and how in this short time her life had changed.

Doubt is outside of Breakthrough’s house going over his report to turn in to The Accuser. He dreads this meeting, because Waiting for My Breakthrough has been at the top of The Accuser’s list for a long time and he was proud. With that in mind Doubt starts to create a new story to tell Breakthrough while he waits for his next opportunity.

Opening a photo album he views past events and updates now with new and more intense scenes from Breakthrough’s life. He has enlisted Fear and Lies and together they developed a more effective tag team strategy. They recognize when someone makes it to the other side of through, their life will never be the same most times. And most times they do not get them back easily, if at all.

Looking back over the past years of her life, Breakthrough realizes things weren’t as bad as they appeared and her hard work had paid off. Whenever she didn’t know what to do, she also remembered what she had been told many years of her life. If you do something believing it is God, he will bless you. If you do something, believing it is God, and it’s not, he will protect you.

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music and motivational speech in this video)

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