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Story: Destiny Takes Inventory

January 21, 2022

Purpose scans the Earth and looks at the ones who turned away from him and the ones who remained with him.

He observes:

The author who replaced the ink pen for a stable livelihood, now later in life, bears an intolerable emptiness.

The clergy who refused to overcome the temptations in his way of life and gave up hope on himself, leaving behind the people he should have reached with hope.

The one who should have become a lawyer, but allowed finances and inner conflicts, decide that the timing was not good to begin law school. Thirty years afterward, she’s experiencing a lifestyle beneath her original destiny.

The police officer who gave up law enforcement for a safer career. Eventually lost himself in a life he was not to be in and the lives of the ones he should have served and protected.

He likewise sees:

The talk show host, who doubters speculated she would not make it. She developed into the top talk show host in the country. More than that, she became a worldwide humanitarian.

The one who they cut from his high school basketball team, eventually he would become the most talked about basketball player in the world.

There was the teacher who heard because of the danger in some neighborhoods, disadvantaged children weren’t capable of learning. The danger distracted the children often as they struggled to survive. This teacher established a school where elementary children would pass college exams, while remaining in the same dangerous neighborhoods.

The boy who grew up on a peanut farm to one day become the President of the United States.

What is holding you back from fulfilling your destiny?

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and most has Copyrights!)

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