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Story: Destiny Watch

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November 6, 2020

Destiny has been watchful with concern as he sees many who are walking away from him.

The writer who replaced the ink pen for a stable livelihood, now later in life carries an unbearable emptiness.

The preacher who refused to overcome the temptations in his way of life and gave up hope on himself, leaving behind the hearts he should have reached with out hope.

The one who should have become a lawyer, but allowed finances and inner conflicts decide that the timing was not right to start law school. Forty years later, she’s experiencing a lifestyle that was not predestined for her.

The police, who left law enforcement for a safer career, ultimately lost himself and the lives of the ones he was destined to serve and protect.

As Destiny looks further he is encouraged…

He likewise observes: The talk show host, who doubters speculated that she was not going to make it. She became the top talk show host in the country. More than that, she went on to become a worldwide humanitarian.

The one who they cut from his high school basketball team, eventually he would become the most talked about basketball player in the world.

There was the teacher ,ho heard that because of the danger in some neighborhoods, disadvantaged children weren’t capable of learning because they were preoccupied daily with the struggle to survive. This teacher would establish a school where elementary children would pass college exams, while surviving the same dangerous neighborhoods in which they lived.

The boy who grew up on a peanut farm to one day became the President of the United States.

The man who, even after a severe nervous breakdown, indebtedness of millions of dollars and having to declare bankruptcy, became a billionaire and was documented to be of sound mind when he died.

Where will your story be identified with Destiny as he scans the earth for you? It is never to late... start or finish your story.

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and have Copyrights!)

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