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Story: It is Time...

May 7, 2021

(May is Mental Health Awareness Month where we increase awareness of mental illness and mental disease by education and through many open discussions and activities throughout the world.)

I knew the time would come and had put it off long enough.

I was getting older and couldn’t push it away any longer.

Reflecting over the years and seeing myself was hard to do.

Looking at the paths I had chosen, some willingly and others haphazardly.

I thought about the time wasted and the would-be accomplishments still being would-be.

Life has a way of playing tricks on you.

Seemingly always waiting for the reactions to my actions.

Never knowing how to act, but only react.

Crammed in between reality and daydreaming… Suffocating.

Two worlds where the mind can’t tell the difference anymore and live out each world.

Moving around in a body that has forgotten how to feel.

Dictated by numbness to keep the pain at bay.

Not knowing for sure why you are so lost in your space in the world.

Surrounded by family and friends who only know what you project and not knowing you.

It was time…

Broken Dreamer kneels down by her bed.

The tears flow from her eyes like a dam with a hole that has finally cracked… flooding.

She realizes hours have passed as she pulls herself up and sits on the side of the bed.

The tears of her life, the tears of pain, of betrayal, feeling sticks and stones breaking

her bones and word that truly hurt her.

She forgives all…

She ends her prayer asking for forgiveness of those she hurt in her hurt.

Knowing the ones, she would have to make amends to and ask for their forgiveness.

She realizes her pain hurt others, and she is truly sorry.

She will give no excuse, just ask for their forgiveness.

The tears have ceased as she drifts off to sleep… she feels cleansed.

There will be many changes, but she knows life will be different.

And that it was time… to live.

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

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