• Belinda Lane

Story: Journey

January 22, 2021

As he attempts to pull himself up, Journey shook the dirt off himself. Looking back over his shoulder, he observes a light flickering in the blackness. He knows he has injured his ankle, but knows he must find the energy to continue moving. Feeling drops of rain, he knows the ground will get muddy quickly. Using all the fortitude he can, he limps to the nearest tree. Next to the tree is a branch that appears to have fallen from the tree. He notices almost immediately that the branch is sturdy and can be used as a crutch. Looking back over his shoulder again he realized the light is getting closer causing an uneasiness within himself

With one hand on the tree along with the makeshift crutch under his arm, he pulls up his body from the ground. Steadying himself and leaning against the tree, cries filled his ears. He couldn’t distinguish if they were in his head or coming from outside of him. As suspected, the ground had become muddy from the rain. “Oh, God, please help me” he hollers out. Within a split second, he has someone moving his hand from the tree, placing his arm around their neck. “We must hurry” the voice whispers. Looking back, Journey realizes has got even closer. He is now suddenly aware that the cries are not in his head. With the help of the stranger, they move forward. Despite what is going on, Journey has no understanding of where he is going. He knows he must place his faith in this stranger, someone’s face he can scarcely see.

The mud was slippery and it seemed he could not get his footing, as he is continuously lost his balance. Along with the branch under his arm and the stranger’s grip tightening on him, they both keep moving. They had been walking for a while, when Journey glanced back, he no longer sees a light behind them. They appear to have moved out of the rain, because he is now on dry ground. The stranger takes Journey’s hand and assists him in lean against a tree. “You are safe for a while, but you must continue moving.” With those words the stranger appeared to have vanished into the darkness.

The height of the trees made it hard to see the sky, creating practically no visibility in front of him. He wanted to stop and think, but the stranger advised him to keep moving. What had taken place, causing him to be in the woods running for his life? Nothing seemed to make sense, other than he knew he was life appeared to be in peril. The pain of his ankle was intensifying. With only the branch under his one arm, he realized he was dragging his foot. Closing his eyes, he screams out, “I will not make it”. Ready to just sink to the ground, he opens his eyes and sees a bright light in the distances in front of him. This light is not like the one behind him and he doesn’t have the feeling of uneasiness like before. Gathering up what little strength he has left, he feels it’s safe and he continues to move forward.

He sees a clearing and with every ounce of strength he can muster; he struggles and makes it to that space. Falling to the ground, he sees the dark woods behind him and all is silent. He has made it through and his energy gives out and he falls asleep. When he wakes, it is daybreak. He sees his ankle has been bandaged and a set of crutches now lay beside him on the right. On the other side is a modest meal and a bottle of water. Journey is thankful, though mostly he perceives it is not over. He must move forward.

As he gets up, he sees he has a name tag on his shirt that he hadn’t seen in the dark. The name tag has his name and under his name the words, Team Trainee. As he stares at the wooded area for the last time, he doesn’t see anyone else coming out. Now, realizing he was a part of a team, he wonders if others are still moving forward or have given up as he intended to do. Turning back around, he feels a nudge as if someone is pushing him forward. He finished the meal and drinks the last of the water. He picks up the crutches, Journey moves forward. One thing he feels assured of; he will know when he has arrived at his destination.

Walking with the set of crutches, he doesn’t feel the pain as much in his ankle. He hears words and knows they are coming from within him. “Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; as the words of the song from his childhood rings within, Tis grace has brought me safe” he stops and repeating the words “Tis grace has brought me safe”. He feels tears streaming down his face as he realizes the stranger was Grace who assisted him in in the dark woods. With certainty the words continue, “Tis Grace has brought me safe this far, and Grace will lead me home”.

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