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Story: Living as A Victim or Living as A Overcomer

By: J. Anthony Spencer

December 17, 2021

Is it a question or a statement? Both? If it is either, is it philosophical or naiveté? Or again both? If you will bear with me for the length of this discussion, I wish to look at this in the unique framing of Past, Present and Future. Ok. Let’s do a quick breakdown. Living is a present and future tense word. Victim can be all three and Overcomer is again a present and future word depending on how you look at it. Let’s step into our time machine and examine. Let’s name our protagonist Dana. Dana can be a male or female. You decide.

Dana is about to become involved in a relationship or situation that if put on a balance tilts in the negative. If Dana was to give it some thought, would know that making that next step could have consequences to self. Dana already knows the chances and the mere consideration proves it may not be for the best. Either it is the wanting of something so bad that you will accept the outcome. Or it is an expectation of an outcome that could be beneficial in one or more ways. So question or statement becomes…. Will I Live as a Victim or Live as an Overcomer? [Past]

So Dana decides, and the inevitable happens and the outcome is not in Dana’s favor. Denial, anger, hurt and disappointment wash over Dana in waves in no specific order. Did this happen… How? Did this happen… Why? I’m A Victim. They did this to me. I ask who is They? Dana dwells in the now and does not think back to the question asked Self before it all began. Dana wants pity. “I want someone to be on my side. To feel my pain. I am a Victim. Somebody help me.” [Present]

So it has happened. What now? Dana’s options are Victim or Overcomer. Dana can stay a victim and wallow in pity/self-pity. Depend on the kind words of others, but with little help towards a solution. It can be a role as comfortable as a warm coat on a chilly day, but in actuality, it gets you nowhere. Or Dana can accept what has transpired and determine a way to move forward and forge a path to a better Self and possibly help someone else along the way. [Future]

So we can agree that this is a roundabout way to look at Victim vs. Overcomer. And it is more often, unexpected turns of events that place us in relationships/situations where we have to wrestle with the question. But I guess what I am getting at is that it always falls back to us or self that makes the determination to be either. It takes very little to become and stay the victim. But it takes an act of will, of faith and belief that makes us an overcomer. It is not easy. Nothing that is worth it is ever easy. Accept the facts. Reach out for help. Believe that you can and move forward. One last thought. Victims are content to live in the darkness and often think of only themselves. Overcomers achieve the light and reach out to help and teach others. Overcomers have the potential to make other overcomers. Victims seldom make other victims. So I guess it is a question. To You. Are you Living as A Victim or as A Overcomer?

(All Stories are original and most has Copyrights)

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