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Story: Love’s Day

August 28, 2020

Setting back and observing the celebration of Love’s Day, God was delighted by this joyous celebration. As he listens, he gives the voices his full attention. “I love you, dear,” he hears someone say. “Tonight, I will ask her to marry me,” he hears another say. “The flowers are beautiful... I love you too, honey... Your love lives inside of me and your heart is my home.” God hears the chants of love echoing around the earth. I love you, I love you too. Then suddenly he hears a tear drop and all the other sounds around the earth becomes silent, as he focuses in on this one tear.

As she wipes her face, more tears roll down her cheeks. God sees beyond her tears to look at the reason she is weeping; ah, there they are... her thoughts. The thoughts were lying there exhausted from all the activity they had created. It was their role to remind her what today was and that she was alone again. No man, no flowers, no candy, and especially no “I love you”.

Her thoughts were lying there, powerless to move. This had been more than they could bear. Her heart now was beating fast, so much faster than normal. Her thoughts, recognizing that something was wrong, struggled to maintain their composure. “You will be all right, it’s merely another day,” they whispered, as she gripped her chest. Her heart could not take it this time, being steadily and constantly battered by her thoughts. In panic her thoughts raced around running into each other creating an enormous pain that radiated throughout her body. Her body goes limp as she collapses to the floor. After laying there for a while, she realizes that all the pain has ceased, and she gets up.

Taking a deep breath, her entire body feels amazingly better than she has ever felt in her life. Looking around she is in awe at the beauty that surrounds her until she suddenly she sees her body lying on the floor. She is not frightened, but kneels beside herself. She sees the tear stains on her cheeks; she realizes where the cares of life had weakened her. The wrinkles legitimized her struggles with her past. Struggles that had imprisoned her. She remembers precisely when fear replaced her hopes. She did not believe she had lost faith, but she had lost her ability to believe that faith would get her through.

As she glances up, she notices someone moving towards her. Someone that finally finds a place sitting down beside her, both are staring at her body. “Who are you?” she asks. “I am your Past”, was the response. “If you could have only understood that each experience you went through in your life would have developed strengths beyond any of the tests you went through.”

“You always saw what took place outside of you and replaced your inner strengths with the outer hurts and worries. I consistently provided you insights to carry you through life victorious, but you gave in to the shadow of failure. As your Past, I was solely a place for you to go through, not a place for you to live.”

While the Past is speaking the Present appears, also looking down to view the body. “I never got to know you,” the Present speaks. “I would appeal for you to live with me, but you would turn back to the Past.” She stands up and is looking around. Present asks, “What are you looking for?” Still glancing around she responds, “Being that you and Past are here, I am looking for my Future to show up.” Present stands beside Past and they speak in unison, “That’s who we are... together we are your Future.”

What you do with us determines your Future.” Present continues, “If you had taken time to be with me, you would have understood that all things your heart desired were with me. You would have been complete. It like planting seeds for a harvest, but going back and digging them up before they can grow. They must remain in the ground for the fruits of your labor to occur. Each time you went back to reliving and embracing the acts of the past, you dug up your seed. When the seed is in the dirt and the rain falls, you cannot go back and dig up the seed and try to protect it from the dirt and the rain.”

“You must go back now,” the Present continues. “But always remember, how you embrace us will influence your Future. And your Future will determine how and where you live the next time you see your body.” Without any perceived movement she settles back into her body.

“Oh,” she screams out, attempting to rise, “my heart, my heart.” “Miss! We are paramedics here to help you,” she heard someone say as she focused in on the faces above her. Laying there her thoughts appear, “Love’s Day? This is not what I had in mind.” “Shut up.” She internally yells at her thoughts. Realizing that she had received the greatest gift anyone could have on this Day, she whispers, “I Love you, God.” Sitting back in his seat, he whispers, “I Love you too, my child. Immensely.” This Day had turned out to be exceptional for God too, because someone remembered to say, “I Love You” to Him today.

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights! )

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