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  • Belinda Lane

Story: Spiritual Warfare

January 15, 2021

(Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour. 1 PETER 5:8 AMP)

The unrest of the world has awakened the Adversary to assume his most audacious role as The Roaring Lion. It sounds as if they set the atmosphere, the sound he has been standing by to hear has broadcasted. The controversies that appear to be splitting the Christian world in conversation has been going on for a while. However it was the World Pandemic that started bringing people together. Churches were on the forefront serving the communities regardless of their religious beliefs. People were receiving the message of God who previously had not considered choosing to live a godly life. Now watching Christian programs on televisions, online and attending home bible discussions. Per many stores (even Wal-Mart) bibles were selling off the shelves as fast as they put them on the shelves. It surprised the enemy for a moment.

Forces of Darkness have received instruction to fall into formation. What they have been awaiting has visibly manifested. And the cause was believed to be a breach of communication with Christian brothers and sisters. This enemy has now taken on his deadliest form… The Roaring Lion! The political arena creating the distraction the Forces of Darkness needed. The enemy frontline is at attention, armed. Deception is the commander of this lethal assault. Following his command is Fear, Anger, Hatred with each leading a regiment of their own. The Roaring Lion is autonomous because he seeks and devours his prey. The others only clean up the aftermath of his destructive actions.

Michael the Archangel has been studying what is going on around the world, specifically the United States. Glancing over at Mercy and Truth, they are familiar with Michael’s expression and are ready. They too had been observing the discussions of the Christians and not taken by surprise. They saw the enemy sowing seeds for this time. Wisdom walks in, “I will advance along with Understanding to reach humanity. Many of our brothers and sisters are in a season with Fasting and Praying asking for God’s answers in this time of unrest”. Michael knows the Forces of Darkness will become overconfident, as in the past with God’s people. God, constantly focuses on the heart of man, sees the multitude of the ones who desire His will to be done on the earth.

Looking around Michael sees the Legions of Angels, Chariots of fire drawn by magnificent horses, all set in heavenly by God. Glancing to the firmament he observes the earthly ranks fasting and praying on earth. The combination is perfect to secure a victory in this battle. He is confident of another victory for the Kingdom of God! The Roaring Lion now loosed on Earth, the battle is furious and will make worldwide history. Deception and his soldiers are engaging in a battle that they realize they must not lose. They are following the destructive path The Roaring Lion is paving in front of them.

What this Forces fails to notice is Fasting and Prayer are linking the hearts and conversation of the Christians. Wisdom and Understanding are coming behind Truth as he is covering the mind of the people. Cries of “not my will, Lord, but your will be done on Earth” are echoing throughout the stratosphere. The Roaring Lion is weakening; the prayers of God’s family are becoming stronger. Strategizing the timing of this assault, the Forces of Darkness didn’t realize Wisdom’s strategy. The body of believers fasting and praying during this time. We may not agree on our religious traditions and doctrines or political stand (which the enemy tries to use against us), but I believe we can agree on how much we love God!

All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and most has Copyrights!

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