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Story: Stronghold

Nov. 20, 2020

(This week there will be only a Discussion)

Stronghold has a meeting with The Deceiver; acutely aware of the seriousness attached to it. He reads over his list, smiling at the company he’s pulled together. His thoughts are of how so many church doors had been closed. And those that are open are with limited numbers of people attending. But what has stunned the Kingdom of Darkness is of how the churches have been able to grow even stronger. Prayers dominating the heavens halted their temporary triumph. People were crossing domination lines, joining hands while lifting voices of prayer in unison. Churches were working together on a variety of projects to assist communities in need. This freed up the opportunity to advance the Good News in conversation and deeds.

Stronghold knew the outcome of humanity rested on his shoulders. He vowed he would not lose this battle. Making his list he put Fear in charge with Lies and Doubt to accompany him. Fear holds a person in a place, robbing them of their true identity and potential. His compatriots, Lies and Doubt would hold an individual in a place they didn’t wish to be in life. Lies get humans to allow someone else to confirm who they are by convincing them they are nobodies. They live out that person's belief. For many this started in their childhood, others through life’s misfortunes. Doubt paralyzes them to hold to Lies through Fear. This team knows when people look at the pictures in their mind they develop into what they perceive whether positive or negative, constructive or destructive.

The Forces of Darkness looks at the heart of man, which they have consistently classified as stupid. Experiences in life have taught humanity the power of words. Placing emotions behind those words which induce your life to go backwards or go forward. Unfortunately, many come not understanding they speak devastation into their existence constantly through their words and thought life. They cover their thought life up with emotional pictures, keeping true to “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he” and as he continues to think so shall he remain. People continue to apply words that damage their own ways of life and wound the lives of others around them. When people realizing the meaning in their lives, it ignites a passion to advance beyond where they are. Taking courage they reach back bringing others out with them.

It constantly amazes the Forces of Darkness to hear people pray, then undo their prayers with words spoken afterwards. When an individual prays, The Deceiver has trained his Forces to at once create circumstances in which the person cancels out much of the prayer as possible with their own words. They achieve this by referring to what they see or hear, eliminating what they believe and what they've asked. Believing their prayers were unanswered, they settle their lives by what they see. The Forces of Darkness consider words a key weapon in making their jobs simple, and they know the sole factor that holds humanity back is Mankind himself.

Next on his list is the team led by Hopelessness with support from Past and Unforgiving. This team has showed to be more powerful together than most of the other Forces. Everyday Hopelessness takes joy wandering the streets enjoying the misery of populations in destitute, observing murders, suicides, gang violence and abuses in many forms. Hopelessness walks throughout homes, apartments and workplaces daily flashing continuous pictures of defeat to keep him alive.

With pride Past and Unforgiving tag teaming each other in the lives of the masses, stirring generational hurts to pass down. They never understood why people carry so much misery within, relying on medication as a means of survival. Normally when one goes to a therapist, the number one cure recommended is forgiving. Past and Unforgiving patiently sits, locking arms with the patient who is unable to receive what is being pointed out. Past shows pictures to the person so vividly, igniting the pain as Unforgiving whispers “this can’t be forgiven.” It has proven counselling helps to move through what is generating the pain/suffering in your life. Forgiveness has been the major treatment.

Stronghold received the summons and walks to their meeting place with assurance that he is ready for the battle ahead. The before mentioned teams are just a few on his list. There are others listed who are on standby. Observing the Earth, he beams as he views his most demoralizing work… especially during the holidays!

Stronghold walks confidently into the meeting place with his company behind him. It surprises Stronghold to see The Deceiver dressed in his armor looking out over the Earth. Everyone is standing in silence. Stronghold breaks the silence, “Master, what is wrong”? Still there is silence. “Put your ears to Earth and listen, what do you hear and see”? The Deceiver says breaking the silence. Listening Stronghold realized the prayers were bypassing their sphere and extending into the Throne room of God. A battle alert went out uniting the Forces of Darkness for immediate battle. The Forces of Darkness broken into four regiments and each regiment with their own signal when the sirens sounded. When there was an urgent attack they blew one unique alarm for all the Forces to gather. On Earth there was a sound of thunder heard around the world, reports of worldwide sudden torrential storms.

“Stronghold, you and your team lead the battle.” I’m increasing your powers of illusion. We have got to stop these prayers. As Stronghold turns with his party to head for Earth, he sees Michael the Archangel bypassing him descending to Earth. Legion of Angels are riding the clouds and causing calmness over earth. As other Legion of Angels have landed on earth protecting the prayers as they go up. Truth only is now facing Stronghold and his team. Stronghold knows it only takes Truth to stop him. The prayers are bombarding the Throne of God. Michael and a Legion of Angels are making certain the prayers pass through safely. The Forces of Darkness will never give up, even though they will have to regroup. There had never been this many people worldwide praying continuously.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and have Copyrights!)

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