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July 16, 2021


Written by: J. Anthony Spencer

It is early Sunday morning in a well-lit conference room. The room is dominated by a large polished chestnut colored wooden table surrounded by a number of people. The group is made up of male and female agents, all are dressed in suits of light colors, mostly beige. Seated at the head of the table is a man who stands out from everyone as he is dressed in immaculate white. On the wall behind him is a seal that is familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously. Within its inner ring at the top are the words. DEPARTMENT OF GLORY. On the lower part of the ring is FAITH BASED INVESTIGATIONS. This seal is white and gold with a green laurel, replacing the dominate blue. The words Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity remain.

From the head of the table, the Director speaks. Though his voice is not much louder that a whisper, all in the room hear him. “I have assembled you here today to personally hand out assignments.” The man seated at his left sits a little straighter. His very presence carries an air of authority, though not to the degree of The Director. His name tag says Michael, the nameplate on the table in front of him says Agent Archangel. “Director? The unrest in the world has increased, but have we not been working our individual assignments to your liking?” The Director answers, his tone betrays no specific emotion. “To the contrary, you all have been keeping the Dark Forces at bay. But there are key events and key individuals that require our attention”.

In the center of the table the blue globe of the Earth materializes. On its surface are several blinking beacons. “The white indicators are people we must safeguard. Their safety is not known to themselves or the people around them. The roles they will play in the future is key.” Several faces appear around the globe, they are of all ages, sexes, and ethnicities. The Director continues. “This is sampling of the key mortals. You will see that on the surface there doesn’t appear to be anything special about them.” A female seated the Director’s right raises her hand. He recognizes her and nods. The gentleman’s image above the State of Texas, I know him. He’s a self-proclaimed atheist; is he a key individual?” The Director smiles slightly and answers. “Agent Hope, you are all assembled here know that people can change. But to answer your question, yes he is. In fact, he is one of your direct assignments.”

A dossier appears before her. Without opening it, she pulls it to her. The Director shifts his gaze to a blond-haired gentleman sitting midway the table on his left. “Agent Trust. Your assignment will be the couple you see over London, England.” While the Director is speaking, a dossier appears on the table in front of the agent. “Your assignment begins now. You have been chosen for this job because it is your twin siblings, Mis-Trust and Dis-Trust who are directing their efforts towards this couple. You and Agent Love are to leave immediately. The two of you don’t often work together, but you will understand once you arrive.” With a nod Agent Trust and the middle-aged Black woman known as Agent Love both fade like morning fog and are gone.

Dossiers appear before all seated at the table with the exception of Michael. “You all have your tasks. What we are facing is not new. It’s the level of urgency that has changed.” Says the Director. He raises both hands and the sleeves of what you can now tell are white robes. His skin is perfect, flawless with the exception of what appears to be healed wounds on both wrists. “May God, who is both Alpha and Omega grant you the wisdom and ability to confront and defeat the enemy.” “Amen” in unison fills the room. The Director stands placing a hand on Michael’s shoulder and says, “Walk with me.”

It is 11 am at the Blackheath High School in Vanbrugh Park, London. The main entrance appears historic with its red brick and Victorian style. But on its left is clearly a modern addition of glass and what appears to be a type mesh sweeping upwards. On the roof, at the edge of this structure is where we find a young couple seated precariously. Saul Whittingham is a black male. He is holding the hand of Julia Smyth, a white female. Between them on the edge is a glass pipe, an unopened “baggie” with a white substance inside and a lighter. The couple does not notice the two figures that partially materialize behind them. But neither do they notice the two shadowy figures that sit to their left and right.

Those figures are whispering in their ears and those whispers immediately come from the mouths of the couple as speech. “I can’t believe that my Mum is so negative.” Julia says. “What she claims to be, is not what comes from her mouth. I am the problem child. I can’t get it right in life, I can’t get it right in a relationship. She doesn’t understand my love for you.” “I know what you mean.” Says Saul. “I break my back to make it here at Blackheath. They want me to make friends and fit in. But they make me feel that it’s not good enough and definitely have a problem with me being with you. So if we can’t be together in life, we will be together, forever on the other side. We smoke this and we jump. It will numb the pain. How hard can it be?”

Agent Trust steps from The Shimmer. The Shimmer is that place you see from the corner of your eye but can never quite focus on. It is the transport of The Divine. “It can be really hard” he says. His tone is soothing. His timed appearance and speech were directed as to not startle them, considering where they sat. However, the two shadowy figures turn with a start knowing that voice instantly. “Saul. Julia. Nothing is so bad that you throw your lives away. Trust me. Together you are meant for bigger things.” Saul speaks first. “Sir, I don’t know who you are, but how could you know? You speak about trust when the people we love don’t trust us. They don’t trust our judgement or love for each other.”

As if by cue, Agent Love steps from The Shimmer. “Grandma?” blurts Julia. “Da?” says incredulously. Julia sees the new figure as her grandmother who loved her without question. Who believed in her but passed away two years ago. Saul sees his father who passed away around the same time. Those separate deaths are what drew them together initially. The newcomer speaks in one voice, directed at two individuals. For Saul it is the baritone voice of his father. For Julia it is a sweet singsong melodic voice. “Julia/Saul you were not raised to solve your problems like this. Your parent(s) are not bad people. Maybe misunderstood, but not bad people. It’s a mistrust or distrust of someone can make us (want) to do things we don’t normally consider. You love each other, and if you will allow it, that same love will provide the answer to this dilemma.” Tears run down the cheeks of the couple. The threesome continues to converse. They are only slightly aware that the man who appears first is now apparently standing to the right seemingly talking to himself.

“My twin siblings? Why do you bother yourself with these teens?” The figures he addresses still appear as dark mist, shapeless without faces, but clearly they are both agitated. “WHY ARE YOU HERE? We can ask you the same thing.” Voices come in unison. Agent Trust answers. “My agenda is no concern of yours. And now it seems we have the couple’s attention and thus your time here is over.” Trust and Mis/Distrust can’t exist simultaneously. The dark mist that is Mistrust and Distrust dissipates. Agent Trust turns to see the couple hugging Agent Love, knowing that each of them embraces their perception of a loved one. “You will not need that any longer” says Agent Love, and with a wave of his/her hand the drugs and paraphernalia become dust on the wind. “It will not be easy. But hold to the love you have for one another and those around you will feel its power. Now go. You can’t stay here. But I will be with you.” The couple go hand in hand to the stairwell leading downward. Agent Trust joins his companion as the teens reach the doorway. “You have time to catch a portion of a church service if you are so inclined,” Agent Love says with a smile which is mirrored on the couple. “You did a good job. I now see what the Director meant.” Says Agent Trust. “Well,” says Agent Love,

“There is more work to be done.” They turn as one and step into The Shimmer. It is almost noon on Monday as Michael/Agent Archangel strides up the steps of The Capitol. Without hesitation, he walks confidently by several officers of the US Capitol Police. Some nod slightly while others don’t seem to notice him at all. He walks through the metal detector that remains silent and moves uninterrupted to the Assembly chambers. As he approaches the doors, it appears both guards notice him but allow him access. In the amphitheater a heated debate is going on. Again unhindered, Michael reaches the middle of the floor and looks around at the members of Congress. Either behind or beside several individuals, he sees out-of-phase beings similar to the siblings of Agent Trust. “Michael. The Archangel himself. What did we do to warrant the attention of the Chief Angel?” Michael turns to look at the dais and sees a being not in shadow, but a clearly defined female dressed in red and white. “Miss Information. What you are doing here has gotten the attention of the Most High and thus required my presence here.” Unfazed by Michael’s declaration she says with venom. “You will find no compatriots here.” With this, all the dark figures turn their direct attention to Michael. Michael looks around the room, and the slightest hint of a smile forms at the corner of his mouth.


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