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Story: The Annual Word Convention

May 21, 2021

The Host of the Annual Word Convention steps up to the podium and before he says one word, the crowd is yelling and screaming. “It is indeed my honor now to stand before as your host of this grand convention. Before I introduce our most distinguished keynote speaker, I want to first acknowledge our other platform guests and ask if they give us a brief greeting. First, we’re honored today to have with us Due Season.”

Due Season stand and addresses the crowd. “Just like you see and experience the obvious manifestation of winter, spring, summer and fall, they appear as if they are on a schedule. But I am here to tell you that they appear, because they are due. I tell you Let us not be weary in doing well, for you will reap in due season, if you do not faint. Many of you receive the initial part of the statement and forget the finished remark, if we do not faint (give up). I will show up in a visible manifestation for you to have in your life. The spiritual timetable differs from the natural realm. When you walk according to the Spirit and lesser of the flesh, then will you understand the seasons you are in through life. I’ve watched you wander away from your harvest, based on the time you determine it should occur. By the time you come back, your life is in another season. Remember, your dress for each season is fasting (winter), thanksgiving (spring), praise (summer) and prayer (fall). I encourage you not to faint; I promise you, just as the farmer is patient, you have an incoming harvest. Thank you!" The applause fills the air.

“Next we will hear from the Evidence of Things Not Seen,” the Host announces, before stepping away from the podium. After a minute no one sees the next speaker and a mummer that gets louder and louder seems to move throughout the convention.

“Where is he?” Many are whispering among themselves.

“Why did they announce him when he is not here,” others complained.

Hope stands and goes to one side of the podium, then Faith walks to the other side. Instantly, the crowd sees the Evidence of Things Not Seen, standing at the podium. As she looked over the crowd, her eyes are very sad as she speaks.

“I wanted to give you a clear and realistic picture of how I enter your lives, the Evidence of Things Not Seen speaks to the crowd. Hope gives your petition to Faith. Faith upholds it with your words. Then I take what you’ve asked from Faith and present him the title deed to what you requested. Which then allows me the legal right to become clear in your life. Many of you were mumbling and complaining because you thought I was not standing before you. We have shown you a visible and practical demonstration of how I’m kept out of your lives. Remember, the enemy has trained his forces to keep Hope and Faith separated in your life by the conversations you speak after making your request.” As Hope and Faith escort the Evidence of Things Not Seen off, the Host returns to the platform.

The Host calls the last guest before the key speaker. “Our last guest is Prayers that Availeth Much”. Prayers that Availeth Much stand and from his seat shouts loudly. “The heartfelt and continued prayers of the righteous man makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working. Amen!” He then sits down. It was as if he set an electric current throughout the crowd. The people are clapping, some standing and praising, others gazing up and tears flowing.

Due Season jumps up, leaving the platform and begins running throughout the congregation. The Evidence of Things Not Seen runs from the platform and starts handing out the title deeds to everyone. The Host looks over at Praise, the key speaker. Praise looks out as the crowd is rejoicing. As he glances over at Prayer, they both smile. Prayer had summoned Praise. Prayer knows when you say Amen, Praise is to follow. With the blessings God has promised man, why does man pray and then fear. Praise takes the mic and quotes from the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition. “Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do super-abundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams)”.

As the Host walks up to the podium, he sees the Spirit of Heaviness leaving out the side entry. He stops long enough to hold the door for Disappointment, Burdens, Average, Discouragement and Fear to leave with him. As the Host looks out at the congregation, he no longer sees the people as they were but changed by Blessings that have covered them. As he goes back to his seat, The Word, who is hosting this year’s Convention feels a pat on his shoulder. He falls to his knees, giving praise to the One Who reigns forever and is sitting upon the Throne.

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

(5) Praise Is What I Do (Live) - YouTube

(5) Praise Him In Advance - Marvin Sapp - YouTube

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