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Story: The Conversation


Come stroll with me as I walk with myself

The discussion may enlighten

What a marvelous day

Even though we see dark clouds above us

We recognize by now that it has no effect on what we truly see

Since we know above the dark clouds, the sun is yet shining

Come and go with me as I stroll with myself

The leaves are gone from the trees, still we see the strength of the limbs

The trees teach us that when you are stripped of your beauty, yet you still stand

in strength because your foundation was more than just visual

The birds are silent, migrating to another audience for a season of songful delight

Though the song of the birds you no longer hear, you realize, is only for a

season and is someone else’s time for enjoyment

What do I learn on this stroll with myself?

I understand that no matter what is happening outside of me

All is well on the inside of me as I watch on the outside of myself

I wonder if green, blue and white are God’s favorite colors as I look

at the sky, the clouds and the trees and grass

Come rest with me as I sit with myself

I need to say to you before you leave

Your outer world only reveals what is in your inner world showing who you are

Let nothing on the outside of you ever define who you are

If confusion is in your outer life, it’s because there is confusion in your

world of self

I say goodbye to you now

Live your time not by default, no longer be a spectator

Walk into each day as a participant, be responsible for yourself

Remember, it’s not the other person’s fault when something happens to you

You simply got caught up in their outer confusion from their inner world

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

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