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Story: The Price of Our Freewill

April 15, 2022

Destiny stands with one foot in Time and one foot in Eternity. Staring at his timepiece, he could not fight off the disturbing emotions running through him. Even though he knew precisely what the outcome would be, this was his toughest assignment. This assignment entailed his LORD and Master.

He reflected to the beginning that first established this chain of events. It was God’s decision to give man freewill. Now the ultimate price is being paid. As he released events from the Eternity into the Time dimension, Destiny had made sure every detail was in place. A list consisting of the making and use of nails, along with the law concerning the Sabbath day checked off. The civil rule to crucify criminals was in place.

The birth of twelve men knitted to the Lord during his earthly time. Including the one among them whose heart would stray putting into motion the cross! He had guided the framing and molding of their lives so that with the bidding of a few words. The one who would say, “Come and follow me,” they immediately would relinquish all to do just that.

Destiny double-checked a few last details. Mainly, the members of the Sanhedrin Council, the basin in place for Pilate to wash his hands, a prisoner name Barabbas. Last, the rooster that would crow, and the rich man name Joseph whose tomb would be temporarily in use.

Destiny looks around. Everybody is here and in place; Lies, Fear, Hatred, Betrayal, Death and the Grave each anxiously waiting their turn. Standing facing them all is Michael the Archangel, Mercy comes and stands with him. In the distance were at least 12 legions of angels, warriors of heaven, waiting at attention, weapons by their side, waiting to move at the command of their LORD.

Destiny looks at his timepiece. It is time. He lifts his head as the words echo in his ears: “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” He hears the lashing of the whip and tears fill his eyes as he counted...36,37,38,39. Unable to bear another second, Destiny stepped into tomorrow and waits.

The party had just got started when Satan received the report. The news was stronger than he had imagined. He leaned back on his throne, gripping the keys in his hand. The World would now be his-his to rule, his dominating, with no restrictions ever again. The third of angels that had left with him would now have with no doubts they had made the wise choice. I would reward their show of devotion, Satan smiled.

Forced to carry the weight of the cross, they pushed Simon in place when it showed Jesus could no longer hold up under the weight of it. However, it was not the cross that weighed Jesus down, but it was the load of our grief. He was carrying of our sorrows, the wounds of our transgression. The chastisement for our peace and the iniquity of humankind’s sin laid upon Him.

The hammers rang as they hit the nails through his flesh into the wood. All creation is silent-even Hell. The punctures in his head from the crown of thorns, the hole in his side from the sword thrust into him. Creation sees the open wounds on his back from the whips that tore his flesh apart. Still, with the torn body of Jesus, his spirit was unbroken by all of this torture.

It was not until he looked and saw the face of the Father turning away from him that Jesus felt real agony. “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani my God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Jesus cried out again with a loud cry. Death comes and stands in front of him, Jesus submits on his own.

The natural creation could not take it. The earth trembles and the sun refused to shine. In the temple, the veil that separated God from man split from top to bottom. Separated no longer from God, man can come now before the throne boldly. The body of Jesus is hanging on the cross, but without Jesus. He has three days.

The celebration was at its peak when Jesus walked in. Looking into the eyes of the angels who had left Him, they would eternally be clear about what their decision had cost them. Satan will never forget the back of Jesus as He walked away with the keys of Hell and Death in his hand.

The bodies of saints who were asleep came out of the graves. I do not know if Noah was among them; the ones that God determine he could start a new generation from. Maybe Abraham, who taught us to put faith in front of what you want and when all around you is moving, you-do not-move. Or Moses, who walked the floor of a sea and had water for walls as he delivered a nation.

However, what I know is that on the third day, Jesus stepped back into his body, rose and proclaimed, “I have all authority in heaven and on earth.” Then he directed us, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them all things I have commanded you.” Leaving us this assurance, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the earth.”

Jesus sits down on the right hand of the Father. Paid in full was the cost for man’s freewill. Destiny is now looking through time to see how many will live an extraordinary, victorious life. Through trials and tribulations, through the pleasurable times and the rough seasons to show with their life that Jesus didn’t give his life in vain.

(All Stories and Poetry are originally written by me has Copyrights… Belinda M. Lane)

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