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Story: The Scheduled Appointment

November 26, 2021

The Accuser looks at his calendar; it was time for the biggest meeting of the year. He could hear the noise in the meeting room, the excitement of his Forces of Darkness. As he walks into the room followed by Deception, all becomes silent and bows down to their Master. Everyone sits as the Accuser stands at the head of the table. “This has always been our most rewarding time. Thanksgiving and the end of the year are upon us for the humans, our scheduled appointments. According to the reports which have come in, this is going to be a mild year for us. Sorrow has covered the multitude of losses over the human’s love ones alone this year, causing overwhelming grief, he says with a sigh.”

Deception breaks out in laughter. “Excuse me, I couldn’t contain myself. I was thinking about all the prayers people were praying for healing for their love ones, they lost. Many living in pain, empty, but most of all the ones who have stopped talking to their God, who they think let them down.” “Like I was about to say, continued the Accuser, sometime when I look around, this job is getting too easy. Hit these human finances and their love ones they won’t see again is enough for us to wrap up this season in devastation. I have already sent Lack and Loss out to cover the land. Their report has been, well let’s say as the humans would say, Inspiring,” so far. Everyone in the room breaks out in laughter.

Just as the meeting was about to come to a close, Lack and Loss staggers into the room. Falling to the floor, not as honored before their master, but their inability to stand. Deception walks over and snatches them up off the floor. “Bring them to me,” the Accuser demands. Throwing them down in front of the Accuser, Loss looks up. “Master, the Prayers of the Righteous overtook us. The Storms of Life tried to assist us, but none of us could stand up against the Prayers of the Righteous.” As he turns and looks out over the world, the Accuser turns with fire in his eyes. “I will not lose,” he says, leaving the room in fury.

Michael the Archangel, got wind of The Accuser’s meeting, as he felt the change in the atmosphere. The Heavenly Forces came and stood before him, battle ready. The Accuser and Deception always attack the minds of the leaders around the world. They left everyone else for his Forces of Darkness. Feeling the rage in the air, Michael knew people were going to be hit harder than ever this season. The Prayers of the Righteous have to amplify their time. Michael also knew this was the group the Accuser and Deception were coming after.

Distraction has always been a secret weapon for the Forces of Darkness. His settle moves were undetected by most as a temporary wandering of the mind. Most people had not discerned those seemingly innocent interruptions which took place in their life. As taking them off their life course.

Reports started coming from around the world of the forceful sounds of thunder, which seemed to shake buildings. The darkness of the sky was like something out of a science-fiction movie. The only brightness was the flashing of lightning bolts.

In the countries where it was a time of daylight, the sky was black with darkness. The Accuser and Deception were battling the Prayers of the Righteous in full force. It had been a while since Michael had been in Spiritual Warfare of this magnitude. Michael could hear the Prayers of the Righteous in every language and tongue around the world. The forced retreat of the enemy was not something that was expected.

Michael had beaten him again. Michael knew the tricks of his oldest enemy. It was never about the holidays, but the distractions of the holidays he needed in place. Distraction didn’t think the Prayers of the Righteous would be so forceful. With the multitude of losses of love ones around the earth. The senseless fighting and killings had caused unity and not division among some of the most unlikely groups. The faces of the Prayers of the Righteous has taken on a different appearance. A weapon pulling down the strongholds. Michael look at his sword… the Word, which had been the mightiest of all weapons, had won again.

The holidays would be different. Old wounds healed and grudges forgiven. Love, locked up in the heart of too many, will flow again. The Prayers of the Righteous availeth much!

(All Stories are original and has Copyrights)

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