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Story: The Title Fight

May 28, 2021

Boxer: Fighter

Trainers: Challenge and Circumstance


Referee: Life

Announcer: Thoughts

Weights: The Cares of this World

Weigh-In Limit: Belief

Challenge and Circumstance had been training The Fighter for over ten (10) years for this specific fight… The Middleweight Championship. They knew he was ready, but were concerned whether he felt the same way. The training in the past was all centered on tonight. The stakes were high and a loss would affect many lives. It during Fighter’s last sparring session that had them concerned if he would make the weight limit.

A year prior had moved Fighter from amateur to professional boxing… Middleweight Division. The weight limit had been a major setback in for him for many years. Because they require a boxer to weigh-in at a certain weight is critical. Challenge and Circumstance had critiqued Fighter’s life to match his life assignment. They reviewed the video; it was necessary for them to implement a different regimen for him to drop weight. Fighter always felt his life was so hard and unfair. Evaluating each obstacle he overcame, he realizes that more weight has fallen from him. Which seems to have increased his inner strength and belief level.

The day before the championship, Fighter sits in solitude reflecting on his past matches. Thinking about how he suffered from a broken rib in one of his early matches. The broken rib was his marriage. Laying on the floor of the ring, Circumstance was beating the floor telling him to get up and fight. He heard the Life counting 5,6 and on 7 he was back on his feet and blocking the blows. He was fighting for his marriage, which appeared hopeless. His Opponent tried to jab him in his side again, Fighter hit him with an uppercut followed by a right cross. The Announcer and the crowd went wild as the Opponent hit the floor. It took a few months for Fighter rib to heal, but it had. It saved his marriage.

He thought of several more matches, especially the ones where Life, holding his arm high in victory and declared him the winner. This upcoming fight tomorrow had him worried. If he lost, many people would suffer. He feels the touch of a hand on his shoulder. The weight of the hand lifts and he hears the words, “Lo, I Am with you”!

It is now the next day, and the time of the fight has arrived. Fighter met the weight limit perfectly. With persistence and dedication, he met and maintained the required weight. Challenge and Circumstance are wrapping his hands with Goodness and Mercy before putting on the boxing gloves. He steps into the arena; hearing the crowd scream. He looks over and sees his wife and children, along with the rest of his family. Stepping into the ring, he hears the Announcer introduce him and the Opponent. Life brings him and his opponent to the center of the ring. Life says, “I want a clean fight”, but before he can finish Opponent walks away. Fighter walks back to his own corner after the instructions and after a brief wait the bell rings. It is the beginning of the first round.

The fight is so intense that the announcer is standing as he calls the blow-by-blow of the match. Fighter takes a blow to the head and struggles to recover focus. He comes back and hits Opponent with a hard jab to the face, causing his nose to bleed. The bell rings and they both go back to their corner. Challenge and Circumstance are reassuring Fighter he has this as they help him get his breathing under control. He spits out the water after rinsing his mouth. The Opponent is the first to stand and starts walking towards Fighter. Fighter glances quickly at his family and feels a renew strength.

Fighter is bleeding as they match punch for punch. He has the Opponent in the corner and is punching with everything he’s got. The Opponent hits the floor, and Life begins the count. The Fighter hears Life say, “10 you are out”. Life raises Fighter’s hand and announces “The winner and new Middleweight Champion is Fighter.” Fighter raises his other hand as he silently thanks the Invincible one who fought the fight with him.

He steps out of the ring and Challenge and Circumstance is on each side of him. He looks back at the Opponent; seeing his true identity is Cancer. Life walks over to Fighter’s family and says, “He’s going to make it we got all the cancer out.”

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

Part One-5:11 Mins: (7) Rocky IV - Rocky vs Drago (War) FULL HD - YouTube

Part Two: 4:21 Mins (7) Rocky 4 - Final Round (1080p) - YouTube

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the scene in this video)

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