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Story: Thoughts Agenda

April 23, 2021

The Mind: the element of a person which enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.

Victim hated bedtime. But Negative Thoughts who resided inside Victim loved this time, because this was when he was the most active. If there was an award for this inner self activity, Negative Thoughts would be the MVP (Most Valuable Player). Negative Thoughts took pride in the control which he possessed over Victim. No matter the age or weight, size or race, Negative Thoughts could control a person… and did!

Negative Thoughts greatest and most effortless work showed in a person behavior. Negative Thoughts loved the night, because this is when he had complete control with no interference. With just one word or one scene, Negative Thoughts could set in place a scenario where Victim would have another restless night. Sometimes Victim would wake up in a cold sweat or would just lay for hours staring at the clock as the minutes ticked away. Negative Thoughts primary goal was to have a control over Victim’s life that would be expressed through his behavior. This is where Negative Thoughts found his most satisfaction.

Negative Thoughts would laugh hilariously when he saw Victim registering for a class or seminar on How to Free Your Mind or How to Control Your Thoughts. He watched in amusement as Victim took yet another sleep aid prescribed by his doctor. It only took a week for Negative Thoughts to convince him the sleep aid wasn’t working.

Negative Thoughts worked full time with Victim’s mind by keeping him focused on material things. This proven method of showing Victim his past and the lack of the material things he didn’t have portrayed Victim as a failure. Victim believed focusing and possibly obtaining these material things would make him happy. But inside he knew these were things he strived for but could never attain, mostly because he didn’t believe in himself.

Several months had passed and Negative Thoughts noticed that his influence was weakening. He also noticed Victim’s behavior was changing. It had been so gradual that he hadn’t realized what was happening. Negative Thoughts had always been in control. Though the night was his time, Negative Thoughts exerted an influence during the day convincing Victim, he would accomplish nothing of importance in his life. This caused Victim to have migraine headaches and panic attacks. Victim was living an unhappy life believing the lies Negative Thoughts placed in his mind. Negative Thoughts saw other Thoughts which were showing up in Victim’s mind.

Negative Thoughts tried to intensify his influence when he saw this change begin. As he looked at the subconscious part of Victim’s mind, he saw a lot of the past lying dominant. Negative Thoughts knew he had to revive the past, because this kept him alive. Negative Thoughts moves from the conscious to the subconscious portion to the mind. But as he did, he found himself blocked by Forgiveness. “He is free now and you will change too,” Forgiveness said with a confidence that could not be challenged. Forgiveness had unlocked the holds the past had on Victim. Now thinking with clarity and not from a place of pain, Victim’s life could change.

The ability not to forgive had locked inside of him, the pain of his past. And it was Negative Thoughts that kept that pain alive. Not dwelling on Negative Thoughts anymore caused Victim to realize who he really was, unhindered by the past. Life was changing for the better. When Negative Thoughts tried to come back, he couldn’t find an entry back into Victim’s life. Negative Thoughts didn’t give up and periodically would attempt a comeback. When Victim’s behavior would start converting back, he would recognize for what it was, just Negative Thoughts trying to get his attention.

Victim was a nickname given to him by his family. Now everyone calls him by his birth name… Victor! With everyone now calling him Victor his life has never been the same. He always remembers that your thoughts create emotions which then affects your behavior.

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

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