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Story: Walking in Purpose

February 19, 2021

Destiny summoned Purpose for an emergency meeting. Concerned as they look at the one whose earthly assignment is approaching and she still is not ready. The focal point of this meeting is to discuss what must be done to prepare her. Challenge and Circumstance had worked hard to develop her for this crucial post through the experiences of her life. They made certain every situation they placed before her strengthened her and not produce discouragement. Every challenge up to now was embraced and with each result she appeared to bounce back stronger. As Purpose surveyed the scenario, he took notice of the weight he sees on her. He realizes the weight wasn’t meant to shatter her purpose. Yet, it had the potential of disabling the goal of fulfilling her true destiny. As he glances over at Destiny, they recognize that there must be some type of intervention, ensuring she’ll be prepared for what was before her.

Distracted by other events, she made achievements unrelated in her life which had driven her away from her purpose. When an individual elect not to follow Purpose, they change their destiny by going a different direction with their life. Many people have achieved remarkable accomplishments by man’s standard while on the false path. They obtained a good thing, but not the right thing for their destiny.

The impact of their perceived greatness has left them empty, because they did not touch the lives or areas entrusted to them. As a result, the vacuum they carried from the observed achievement caused them to believe something was wrong with them. In order to appreciate a full and meaningful life of significance to you and others, Challenge and Circumstance will have a role in one’s life.

Purpose walks over and whispers her name. “Unity, the time is nearing.” Shaken from her sleep by Purpose, Unity believes she was dreaming. Her guardian angel has fought fierce battles of seen and unseen dangers in her life. Some she didn’t realize existed. Worried of her impending assignment, Deception walks in reassured she will fail as he stares at her weakness. Deception had been successfully diverting her path. Truth walks in behind him and Deception moves to the far part of the room as hatred rages inside of him regarding Truth.

As Unity sets up in bed, she knows what she must work out. She takes up the phone to make the call she has been dreading. The call makes her sick inside to even think of the matter. Deception smiles as she hangs up the phone. Many days pass by leading into sleepless nights. Destiny and Purpose watch the event as it draws closer. Truth is pacing throughout her heart daily. Deception illuminating the torment and anguish she went through from the past experience, as she promises to never forget.

She wakes out her sleep in a panic, snatches the phone and makes the call. After a period of conversation, she dries the tears and releases from her heart the words, “I forgive you.” Deception slithers out of the room as he no longer sees the weight that has been removed by the presence of Forgiveness. Weeks later Destiny announces, “The time is here.” The phone rings and she answers. The expression of surprise is on Unity’s face as she realizes what the caller is requesting of her. The caller informed her that their group had been evaluating her for their conference, which was a national platform of men and women devoted to the advancement of humanity. This group was dedicated to bridging historical gaps, which would then bring us all to a place of unity and understanding. The caller explained this conference will have worldwide coverage. Humbled, she accepts their invitation to be the keynote speaker.

Destiny and Purpose who had observed her for months watches as she goes to the podium. Her message will touch personal lives and generationally divided groups. “Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me tremendous pleasure to present our keynote speaker for the evening.” Unity stands and takes the platform; feeling her message will echo throughout generations if embraced.

With her head held high she speaks, “It’s my pleasure to speak today on the topic Unity through Forgiveness!”

(All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!)

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