• Belinda Lane

Take One More Step

July 24, 2020

Average was wandering around searching for his next victim when he heard the remark that ended his search.

“I can do that tomorrow; one day won’t make any difference.”

Average turns around, smiling. Surprised by who he sees. Recognizing the person, he pulls out his notebook and flips through it until he discovers her name. Each name in the notebook has beside it the person’s earthly assignment, when it will have its greatest impact, and what the accomplishment(s) will mean on Earth and in Eternity.

Average glances over names he had checked off his list. He was proud of those he has led to settle on a level beneath their potential. There were ones in his book who had walked away from their destinies or embraced complacency. Individuals with merely a few steps from moving pass Average to fulfil what they knew slept inside of them. It constantly amazed Average that it only took a slight discomfort for a person to quit. Persons that with no understanding that that discomfort is temporary and within it is carried life changing benefits.

There is another notebook Average carries with him. In that notebook were people who went the extra step and pushed beyond the circumstances they encountered. There are people who will not be in the history books or on the news, yet without their contribution we wouldn’t be in our progressive state. One decision brought them past Average. There will be some to conclude it does not mean everyone is bound for greatness. Not realizing that every person possesses an element of importance in some form, whether recognized or unknown.

It still amused Average that it took so little to pass him, still the masses succumb to him so easily. He thought it was laughable to hear affirmations people confessed. They would set goals that would take twenty one days only not to make it one week. His greatest delight was watching someone reading “How to be Successful” while watching television. Their bookcase crammed with books they would never incorporate into their way of life. Average spent most of his days relaxing, because what he does didn’t involve considerable effort. The few that were making it by him didn’t matter to him because it was offset by the greater number of those who didn’t.

Sitting back for another calm day, he hears the same person declare,

“No, I will do what I said I will finish today. I realize I am better than average.”

Focus, she states and proceeds towards her goals. Average is up and throwing thoughts at her to interrupt her focus. All attempts at doing this fail. Months have passed, and they have made unbelievable accomplishments. They have changed lives. Average looks at this name and scratches it off his list with a note, then says, “Purpose Achieved!” He muses knowing it doesn’t take a great effort to pass him. It only take a mere few steps and focus to leave him behind.

All Stories and Poetry is originally mine and has Copyrights!

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