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Story: Tales Interlude One

Written by: J. Anthony Spencer



CONTENTS: Descriptive data related to release of Tales of the F.B.I, present and future chapters.


Cleared for Release

The Director: CLASSIFIED. Currently, all notes related to the Director Are Classified.

F. B. I.: The Faith Based Investigations is a formalization of protection that Mankind has enjoyed for centuries. The reason for its creation as well as when it was founded is not known. However, there are a few things that are known. Michael aka Archangel, is the true Prince of the Heavenly Host who leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces. In two unpublished biblical books it listed him as the first of seven archangels. There is no current information listing the whereabouts or fates of the other six. His rank is directly below The Director.

Agents: The agents of The F.B.I are not angels nor mortal, there are in fact souls. The process used to “recruit” agents is not known. It is also not known of what is the duration of their assignment. Once on duty they are assigned a Name denoting their position and the “powers” that come with it. They are not rewritten souls. They are aware of their past lives and in many cases, may be a prerequisite to the assignment. One of the latent powers that comes with the position is Dynamic Appearance. Because they are not assigned to a particular people, nation, faith or belief their appearance is mercurial depending who sees them. They are not omnipotent. Time flows differently for them and it appears they are in several places simultaneously. While being classed as an Agent they can assume flesh and blood. While they do not have to eat or drink, it is a pleasure that some choose to enjoy. As an Agent they have the privilege to act as Guardian Agents occasionally.

Archangels: Besides Michael no other archangels have been seen for centuries, and not known to be part of the F.B.I. Depending on the writing, the four main archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. It appears the remaining archangel’s names change, again depending on which reference. Noting the Christian tradition, the names are listed as Camael, Jophiel and Zadkiel. There is a rumor that the archangels are still on this plane of existence. But as of this date, it is only a rumor.

Guardian Angels: With the formation of the F.B.I., all guardian angels were placed under their own division. The number of Guardian Angels is astronomical. Guardian Angels are attached to persons, families, organizations, cities, states and nations. Their power is not absolute. They are able to circumvent many pitfalls and dangers but depending on who they protect and the severity of the infraction, they do request further aid from other heavenly agencies.

The Shimmer: The Shimmer is the universal transport of The F.B.I and Divine. It exists everywhere simultaneously thus making transport almost instantaneous. The Shimmer has only been glimpsed by humans on the periphery of awareness. It is often described as “Seeing something from the corner of your eye.” In most cases most humans are unaware of it and can’t gaze directly at it. The Users of the Shimmer can “hold” between two points having the ability to see both the point of origin and destination simultaneously without appearing in either. The enemy has their own mode of transportation called The Shade. Transport through the Shade is not as quick as the Shimmer and is thought to be inhabited by demonic creatures. Humans have often been dragged into the Shade temporarily and when awaken believed it was a nightmare.

FINAL NOTES: As the releases progress, additional data will be added to update the reader.

Chapter One Posted on July 16, 2021: CHAPTER ONE – INTO THE FRAY

Chapter Two Posted on July 23, 2021: CHAPTER TWO – SCALES

(All Stories has Copyrights)

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