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The Meeting

May 15, 2020

“Order! Order! This meeting is now in session,” Destiny speaks. “Life will now make the roll call.”





“Test and Trial,”

“Here, here.”





“Blessings and Miracles,”

“Here, here.”



Destiny looking around the room at everyone present says, “I am sure you all know why I have called this meeting. Mankind is in trouble. We need to discuss how to save them.”

“They have a plan,” says Purpose, the first to speak out. “Every person is born for a reason which is awakened within them at an early age.”

Circumstance stands to address his colleagues, “I am always blamed for Man’s failures. Man sees me as the reason for his downfalls in life. I am blamed for the parents they have, for the country in which they were born, and for their economic background and current economic state, to name just a few. Society has labeled these as justifiable excuses. The permanent underclass and the dysfunctional family are now the acceptable reasons for Mankind’s failures.”

Challenge, shaking his head, says, “I understand what Circumstance is saying, but I believe I am the most misunderstood one in this group. I’m in the lives of people to build character and to help them realize their inner strengths. I help them move from one level to the next, to levels they would never go to on their own. Many have made significant accomplishments because of Circumstance and me.”

Destiny looks over at Prayer, and asks, “What do you have to say?” Prayer is silent. Faith, knowing what Prayer is feeling, takes the floor. “Circumstance and Challenge may be the most misunderstood, but Prayer and I are the most misused. People use Prayer for temporary relief. While I only require them to give me a mustard seed to move mountains in their life, they still struggle with doubt in minor situations.”

Prayer speaks, “It is the expected outcome that makes them doubt; if they would detach their prayers from their expected outcome, there would be no struggle. They are told to trust and see what I will do, but they focus on their own answer, which in most cases is not the answer they need. I am expected to bring the answer that will change their lives, yet I am not given the freedom to release the perfect answer into their situation.”

Faith speaks while walking over to stand by Prayer. “Then we’re accused of not working. We have released the perfect answer and in most cases the answer is lying dormant in their lives, because they cling to and focus on their expected outcome.”

Destiny looks across the room at Goodness and Mercy and asks, “Have many discovered your true identity yet?” Goodness and Mercy shake their heads. Mercy speaks, “Most people still call us Test and Trial, so they reject us. Only a few people have discovered our true identity.”

“How did they find out?” Circumstance questioned.

“I will tell you how,” says Prayer. “They understand that they are here for a purpose. They are the few people who have given their lives as a living sacrifice. They leave the outcome of their lives in my hand and in the hands of Faith. They embrace Circumstance and Challenge and can complete the task before them. They know that their light afflictions are only for a moment and they laid down their lives. They do not deviate from what they know in their heart to what the outward appear tries to dictate as their life.”

“Most want the situation to change, but they don’t want to change, Faith adds, so they continually find themselves in the same situation repeatedly. Then wonder why they are going nowhere in life.”

Blessings and Miracles jump up from their seats, laughing and shouting, “Yes! Because when they live no more for themselves, we have a continuous flow into their lives.”

Destiny brings the meeting to an end with one last remark. “Purpose, your job is the most important one right now. Once your intent is understood, all Mankind will understand the importance of each of us. I now adjourn this meeting.” As they leave the meeting room, they overhear another meeting in session.

The Assembly

“Order! Order! This meeting is now in session,” Deception shouts out. “Life will now make the roll call.”



“Fear and Lies,”

“Here, here.”





“Adultery and Divorce,”

“Here, here.”


Not hearing a response, Life calls a second time.


“Where is Unforgiving”? Deception screams.

Hatred speaks up, “there are too many people embracing the message of Forgiveness and moving their lives away from us. It is important that Unforgiving stay out there. I promised Unforgiving I would work closely with him on this one. I can only stay for a moment. There seems to be a breakthrough in the heart of Man, and we can’t take any chances that all the work we put in place is wiped out by Forgiveness and man seeing a purpose for their life. We have worked hard to hold people in bondage to their past.”

Hopelessness stands and says, “Unforgiving has requested that I take a more visible and vocal role than ever before. I am supposed to keep Man looking back at his past, to assure that he sees no hope or future in front of him.”

Deception smiles and looks over at Fear and Lies. “I will increase your powers of illusion as you work on this assignment to assist Hopelessness to maintain his stronghold over Mankind.”

As Hatred gets up to leave, he walks over and puts his hands on the shoulders of Adultery and Divorce.

“As you know, Adultery and Divorce has become our most faithful workers; they have moved into arenas that we never imagined they could operate in. Our original assignment together was to destroy families, which still is our primary goal, but they have committed to help weaken our opposition, the Church!”

“I hope that we will succeed in both areas, Hatred continues. I have to admit that I am concerned. If this Forgiveness message grips the heart of men, it will cause Mankind to stop blaming each other and force them to focus on Purpose. This will change the entire course of Mankind back to the original intent for his life and make us of no effect. We must keep this stronghold over Mankind, in order for us to continue to exist.”

Hatred leaves the meeting and comes face to face with Purpose. They spoke no words, as each step back into the earthly realm, knowing their mission.

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