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Written by: J Anthony Spencer

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July 9, 2021

Lights were positioned precisely around the comfortable chair in which Fighter sat. To the viewers it would appear that he was sitting in his living room, completely unware of the lights and lengths of cables that were strewn across the floor. In front of him sat a beautiful tanned, almond eyed young lady. Ms. Re Porter. with a nod of her head, the interview began. “Fighter, if I can call you Fighter. You won the championship some months ago. After two defenses there is talk of a rematch with the Adversary”. Fighter smiled and said, “Yes, there were two defenses.” The first opponent was called Pride. Pride was unique. One of the things your opponent does, even before the fight, is try to get in your head. After the fight with The Adversary, I thought I could take on the world without remembering what got me there. But remembering my belief and the support of my wife and daughter, I was able to block both the mental and physical blows and go on to a victory.

Ms. Porter, who was secretly a fan smiled and continued. “I saw that fight. You could see just when you made the decision to turn the fight around and you did. Your next opponent was called Fear. He entered the ring with a great record.” Fighter tensed almost imperceptibly before responding. “Yes, he came in with an astounding record. No pun intended, but he was feared by quite a few that faced him and I was no exception.” Ms. Porter pressed on. “Then what was it that lead you to a win over this fearsome opponent? No pun intended.” Both smiled and then he answered. “This was a tough fight. But with each blow I took and even more with the ones I gave, I kept repeating 2 Timothy 1-2 in my head. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” And again I have to give credit to my support system, my wife and daughter. He glances out of the large paned window into the garden where his family sat looking at him with admiration. “Fear is an opponent I don’t believe I will ever face again.”

“That is a beautiful family you have there. But I have to go back to the question that is on everyone’s mind, the possible rematch with The Adversary. Fear, Pride and The Adversary all come from the same stable or group. They appear to have it out for you.” Fighter sat up straight before answering. “Re, if I can address you by your first name? I hope it didn’t appear that I was dodging the question. I wasn’t. Before that fight, I admit I had quite a few personal and professional problems. You could say I lost my way and almost lost everything.” He gives another quick glance to his family. “But fortunately, I became aware of what was going on and I dropped to my knees and prayed. When an athlete gets a win and he points to the heavens, that is not an idle gesture. You have to believe in a higher power. Something much more powerful than yourself that leads you through life. With prayer, I reclaimed my belief, my family and myself and so much more.”

“I guess, I again wandered off of the original question. I know there is a chance that The Adversary may try for a rematch. And coming from the same stable, I am sure he will use some of the tactics that Fear uses in a fight. I also realize that he also may use the tactics of others from the same group. Doubt is one of his cornermen, and he is one of the best in the business. But the owner of our group, The Word, is outfitting us for victory. We have added a new member to our team. Many know him as Truth. And Truth in my corner is far better than Doubt in his.”

After about 20 more minutes of questions and responses, the interview comes to a close. “Fighter. This was a good, if not great interview. I believe it will provide motivation to many who will listen to it.” Fighter rises from the chair and removes the tiny lapel microphone that was attached to his shirt. “Re, though it wasn’t my intent, I do hope that it reaches and motivates someone. I’ve had people in my life that provided that motivation and maybe it’s time I gave that to someone else. Now, if you would excuse me, I’d like to go out and speak with my family. I’m sure they are anxious to see how the interview went.” Ms. Porter smiled. “By all mean. It will take us awhile to break things down, so we will get a chance to speak before we leave.”

Looking out the window, Re Porter remarks. “I see that you guys are expecting an addition to your family.” Fighter looks out to his expectant wife and beams with joy. “But Fighter I have to ask. Your belief is exceptional, but you give a lot of credit to your wife and daughter as support on your extraordinary journey. Yet you have never said their names.” Fighter looks at Ms. Porter and his smile widens. “Re, I assumed that your research group covered that.” He turns and walks out to the garden. Over his shoulder he says. “Their names are Faith and Hope.”

(This is the link to Fighter's original fight. Story: The Title Fight ( or pull up Story dated May 28, 2021)

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