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Discussion: A Massive Deception Operation

February 19, 2021

While looking up some information, I came across this article a couple of weeks ago that I simply couldn’t get it out of my mind. Stay with me because I think you will grasp the same thing I did from the before mentioned article.

(From Google: In January 1944, General Dwight Eisenhower (1890-1969) was the commander of Operation Overlord. In the months and weeks before D-Day, the Allies carried out a massive deception operation. That deception was to make the Germans think the main invasion target was Pas-de-Calais (the narrowest point between Britain and France) rather than the actual target of Normandy. In addition, they led the Germans to believe that Norway and other locations were also potential invasion targets. Many tactics were used to carry out this deception, including fake equipment; a phantom army commanded by George Patton and supposedly based in England, across from Pas-de-Calais; double agents; and fraudulent radio transmissions. According to military historian John Coyne McManus, “The whole idea was to isolate the battle.” This included displays of dummy landing craft, made of wood and canvas, and inflatable tanks. All a well thought out deception tactic.)

When I looked at the display of fake equipment and soldiers, it was amazing to see how realistic they appeared. Even the soldiers looked as actual life forms. As I had thought on this over the past couple weeks, it became clear of how we approach what we believe we see in our life. The obstacles we see when stepping out towards our goals in life. As we write on paper, our wish list or vision board how we allow things outside of us to weaken our position. What I will call, A Massive Deception Operation. This operation pulls you to focus on something that isn’t actually real. At least not to our goals.

What influences us is what is being said to us and the subsequent images that develop in our minds (false scenarios and outcomes regarding our mission). The support we expected or told would be accessible is no longer a reality. So much so, it carries our attention into another direction, expressing what we call being more sensible. We leave our intended target and spread ourselves thin toward a deceptive goal. Burned out, frustrated and feeling defeated, we surrender our goals to everything from setbacks to complete failures. And all at once our vision board is in the back of the closet.

Months and years later we see a glimpse of the place in our lives where our goal was to unfold. We realize it was obtainable and we could have fulfilled the goal if only we would have stayed on course. When we look back to why we didn’t, we don’t see the obstacles or hurdles which invaded our mind during that time. Our mind the place where dreams develop, our mind the place where our words generate to bring life or death to our mission. When looking back we now see the phantom which was in place to immobilize us.

In the story leading to D-Day (which this operation also known by other names) the historian stated the tides turned against the enemy, dealing them a significant psychological blow. This caused an advancement against their enemy and an unconditional surrender. Once we understand that the task before us is not for us only, we have to stand strong. Think of the ones without the ability, knowledge or fortitude. Who will stand for them?

So, pull the vision board out as you clear your mind of the false illusions. Start building your portion of the future given to you. Be the leader or the follower we’re assigned to allocate for this generation. Don’t leave a hole in the timetable or be the missing link for the next generation to grab on too.

If we see no way and think what we called to do is not achievable, remember it is only, A Massive Deception Operation. Only you can give power to hold you back or distract you. Let start moving to get our mission Done!

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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