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Discussion: Are we there...Yet?

By: Belinda M. Lane

July 29, 2022

How many times have we said or heard someone say, “Are we there yet?” I believe this query can apply to some of life's biggest questions. We normally hear this from children, who in most cases are asking this of their father, who does most of the driving. As they look out of the window and watch the scenery pass, there probably comes a time where they see nothing but trees. To them, they are seeing the same old thing repeatedly. Most know where they are going and the scenery lends no sign of their current position. This perplexity prompts the question, “Are we there yet?”

As we move beyond the halfway point of this year, we do so with promise. We set goals for this year; we made positive decisions of where we would or would not be in our jobs, our finances and our relationships (single, marriage, friendships). Now catching our breath, there is a smile of accomplishment (s), a sigh of joy to see how far we have come. Or does the scenery of what you are looking at look the same, or less than when you started out?

When on a family trip, even if you are single in life, you are a part of humanity, meaning “we are family” journeying through life. As we journey through life, our earthly vehicle is our body. When a family travels in a car to the destination on their family trip, depending on the distances, there may be many stops before they arrive at their destination. Bathroom breaks to relieve ourselves, snack time to refresh the body and, for those not in the driver's seat, nap time to rest mostly the mind. But mostly, patience is required. Everyone in the car knows we are going to get there. It’s just when. The car is moving. Let me repeat, the car is moving in the direction we have set out to go. Before we started the family trip, we got ready while home and, like most children depending on where they were going, couldn’t sleep the night before. Also, in most cases, depending on where they are going, the children, we were up before the adults.

Life has not changed. Every new day means we have traveled 24 hours in life. Our planned destination is before us, still. Even if you have made no plans with your life, you are still travelling 24 hours a day. Even in sleep time, we are still breathing, our body is alive. When traveling, children need permission to get out of the car. Even for older children, the parent (s) let them know what we will do here and how long we will be staying. Younger children need to stay close to the parent and older ones must stay in eyesight.

We are on a journey from the time we are born until we die, traveling each day towards a destination. We have a father that keeps close watch over his children. Listening to their hearts and watching over their lives. This father knows what is best for each child and what is not. He is always available day or night. The father loves each child unconditionally. He has said he will give every child beyond what they could ask or think. He is the driver and we are the children asking, “Are we there yet?” I believe all have had a glimpse of where they should go. Even the ones who say “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life.” Something has got to have captured your attention, your heart. Yet, conditions early in your life made you believe… or not believe!

Too many are leaving the vehicle too early and without the parent’s permission. Families are being devastated by the premature departure of ones who decide to exit the vehicle they were in on their own. They leave behind families torn by their decisions, with the eternal question, Why?

Sometimes the travel will run off paved highways onto a rocky path with no directions and limited visibility. There will be times when there is a severe storm and the father will pull over because the children are afraid as they scream, “I can’t see”. Even though the father can still see, but for the comfort of the children, he will stop for a while. In order to calm their fears. The father knowing, they are only minutes away, and sitting still makes it longer to reach where they are going. Sometimes a child will want to go back home because of what they think may be ahead. No one is asking, “Are we there yet?”

Many right now may look around and the scenery doesn’t look like anything you had imagined. There appears to be no place to release or refresh. The reassurance we have about our father is that he never loses sight of us. A rest stop is not a permanent place, only a stopover. So, get up and leave. We have five (5) more month and biblical this denotes God’s (father) grace, goodness and favor. What more can we ask?

“Are we there, yet?” Some are there, many are only twenty (20) minutes away and other are about to exit the rocky path. Wherever there is for you, just know you can reach your desired destination. Just think of grace, goodness and favor!


Father, the world is transforming. When I pick my foot up and before I can put it down again, the place has changed, causing me to lose my footing. The goals I set, the availability, don’t seem to be practical anymore. So many things are becoming obsolete while I’m in the last phase of my goal. As I look at the world, my faith appears to be weakening. The storms in my life are pulling me under.

Still, I hear a small still voice saying, “Peace.” Not to the storm, but to me. “Peace.” Not to my circumstances, but to me. I now understand, no matter what is happening outside of me, I can still be at peace within. And remember, all that is outside of me is temporary.

You, who knew of the changes ahead of me, ordered peace for my steps. Father, you had already set in motion for the changes I would need when I got to there. One who knew every rocky road and has waiting ahead for me a paved path I could not see from where I was standing. No matter what is happening now, you already knew and preparation where already in place. Thank you for speaking peace to me. I don’t have to ask, “Are we there?” Your grace will let me know when I get there! Amen.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!


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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you


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