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Discussion: Are You Waiting for Me?

March 25, 2022

Many of us hold back what we truly want to do until we have what we believe is all the answers and everything is in place. We put our dreams and vision for our life on Vision Boards that’s now gathering dust in the garage. Webinars are the trend as we take notes, we hardly ever look at again after we turn off the computer. As we return from the paid seminar with the host’s book we bought, we add to the shelf with our other “How to do Books”. Now that I have told you a little about myself. Let’s explore the real reason we haven’t advanced toward the future we know is ours.

What is it in a person who started with distant limitations, and later became extremely successful? Think about these individuals, James Earl Jones, Les Brown, Steve Harvey, who stuttered in their youth. Top motivational speaker Nicholas James Vujicic who was born without arms and legs. Helen Keller who lost her sight and hearing after an illness at 19 months. Yet, they became an author, disability rights advocate, political advocate, and lecturer.

Do we understand the purpose of our lives? As we say, “I know I was born for a purpose”. But do we know that we were? I’m asking my Christian siblings, if we believe God has given us a mission, dream, or purpose to fulfill, and where do we stand today? What do we hear ourselves saying aloud? Life gives us answers. Such as I’m just too tired (my personal one), I have too much on my plate (my question is, is what’s on your plate feeding you and your future). Distractions that don’t show completion of much done, or a lot done that is not benefiting your realistic goal.

Let’s think about this illustration. You are being sent out of a house with a gift (spirit). Before you leave the house, we clothe you (born) and your gift is under your earthly clothing. Now, here in the earthly realm, your gift has to be unwrapped. There will be many ways a person’s gift is unwrapped. Some take time to take the tape off and may slide the gift out. For others, they may take all the tape off first. Other’s may just rip the paper off the gift. The same gift to many people can bring about discrete and uncommon responses to the receivers.

Let’s take this a little farther. You are the one the gift is in. Some gifts are unwrapped by taking some of the tape off and sliding the gift out (a wonderful home with great parents). All the tape was completely off first (there were some struggles to get your gift completely unwrapped). They ripped the wrapping off (foster homes, adoption, child abuse, devastating disease (cancer), loss of a body limb, veterans still feeling the effect of a war). However, our gifts are still intact and waiting for us to release onto this earthly realm, no matter how we were opened. Where we are standing once we’re unwrapped is the place we were meant to be standing.

What are some reasons we hold on to the gift? Reason: Why did this have to happen to me? Reason: I will never forgive him or her. Another reason: I had to fight to get here, let them fight to get here too. I could go on, but will stop with this one: I’m comfortable, I’m where I Want to Be in Life, I’ll help when I can.

We all have a gift within. Even the baby that only lived a few hours after birth can ignite something in that parent (s). We can’t account for the senseless acts of murders (of the victim and murderer) that have taken many gifts from us on both sides. Or was it? We never know who or what gifts are being released, as we are only looking at the outward effects of an action (s). Maybe the action (s) was to prompt new legislation. To open doors for politicians, new leaderships in areas across our country with a biblical perspective. Churches and community leaders locking arms for their city and state.

I encourage you as I encourage myself… It is Time to Unlock and Release Our Gift (s). Psalm 115:16 KJV… The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth hath he given to the children of men.

We pray and fast for God to do something…Move, I believe he is looking at us saying, “I have given you power to do something… Move!” It’s time to come out of the church building into the streets, communities, school and do something. I remember years ago, the late Bishop Eddie Long in Atlanta, GA, and a group of the men from his church took on a mission. The children were afraid to go to school and each morning he and the men of his church would go to that school. They greeted the children and made them feel safe. This group of men became an active force to foster an atmosphere of wellbeing. This has always stood out with me, because after love, all our children want is to feel safe.

There are a multitude of churches across the national that are doing Amazing Acts of Services in their areas… for them I give a Heartfelt Thank You!

For those of you who are still shaky about being unwrapped or how you were unwrapped, give God a chance to do something amazing with your life. Pay attention, that pull you feel on the inside of you is Him

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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Resources Corner:

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