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Discussion: Conversation With My Younger Self

June 19, 2020

Have you ever sit down and had a conversation with your younger self. A conversation with the self that you express when you go through events in your life that never turn out right. Events that cause you to hear yourself say “why does this keep happening to me” and seek to figure out why it does in your life?

I understand people say if I could speak to my younger self this is what I would say. For some of us our younger self is tired and has been waiting for the opportunity to talk with its adult self.

To be clear, I am speaking to that part of you you want to change. There may be only one area in your life you would like to see life go better. Every area of our life has a foundation or beginning point. Life is wonderful for many and this will only be an interesting viewpoint.

Well, the other day and as strange as this may sound, I did this and sit with my younger self. Much to my surprise, my younger self had a lot to say to me. I will share our discussion.

My younger self speaking to me:

When encountered with adult situations at a young age and the choices it forced me to make, why are we still living my decisions?

At what stage in your adult life had you not figured out I was scared as a child and was struggling to survive that moment of time in our life?

With the disappointing times, times in regret and what ifs times, why didn’t you stop to figure out why your choices were the same repeatedly? Why couldn’t you search yourself why am I making the same mistakes again?

Each time you blamed things in our past, I am who it happened to and I am still the one you keep struck in the past with the pain that you are holding on to.

I need to grow up, but your memory of me won’t let me.

I call this definitely an epiphany! There are many of you wherein this will not apply to you or make any sense, and that’s okay. At the same time I'm sure you know someone who would understand this totally. I have constantly considered that we are the way we are for reasons and our past contribute to the good and to the bad.

Childhood has great memorable experiences for many and they express the delights of their childhood. Their lives based on the values they bought forth into their adulthood and they have prospered, not only materially, but wisdom etc. in life. Other has dominant memories of their childhood as living in hell. They have struggled with their younger self who didn’t want to let them be free. The younger self that refuses to let go. Holding on and vowing to protect you while tied to the same immature decisions, creating pain while trying to eliminate pain.

Meanwhile, the younger self is pulling you around by the heart through your emotions, as you exhibit erratic behavior over minor situations to others but major to you. Too many women have built a fortress around their heart. The effort to keep from being hurt by what they saw or didn’t see called love. While this may be true, they have formed an unconscious choice to remain alone by something that no longer exists.

Likewise, this holds true for not merely women, but this affects men just as severely. Basically, we can justifiably determine what we created in us by how we move around in our own world. Despite what we saw or experienced, we were not that person or persons. Yet we took on someone else's life from our childhood and wear it as our adult garment.

For those of you who will like to take sometime this weekend:

Think about that area you want to make an original choice in your way of life.

Then think back to see what the foundation of understanding you established that decision (s) on? A word of wisdom from a friend who stated “what may have been appropriate for someone else doesn’t mean it will be appropriate for you.”

From your answers you will verify if it came from the younger self or not.

After you have established who has been making the choices, create a change if this came from your younger self. (Talk to a family member or friend, read a book on how to change). For many it may be just realizing what has been happening and this alone will cause you to move in another direction.

Thank the younger you for bringing you this far in life while letting the younger self know they will grow up. The adult self will take over your life from now on. It’s time for us to wear adult clothing inside.

Remember: As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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