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Discussion: December 2019

July 10, 2020

It is December 2019. Millions of us drafted outlines on paper, made vision boards, and paid for training classes on how to create our vision. We joined organizations in line with what we were looking at in our future. We signed up for online trainings courses, purchased books that taught us step by step how to be outstanding in our endeavor.

Prepared not just for the New Year of 2020. We prepared for a new decade… this was our fresh opportunity. Right away hundreds of individuals saw the movement, an unfolding of their dreams as projected. We rejoiced in how that sounded… a New Year, a fresh decade. We retired to bed feeling we were on course; we could get a good night sleep. However, we woke up one morning to what appeared to be a nightmare.

Pandemic… the world shutdown! Our life on lockdown… Panic spreading throughout the world. The news filled the airwaves. In March 2020, not even three entire months into the New Year, the Earth is in crisis. A crisis that shuts down our nation.

The pandemic, shutting down over 100,000 small businesses tied to these folks whose hard labor plus sacrifices seem to vanish. Decisions came with chain businesses closing many of their stores so at least some percentage of their stores could survive. The results are thousands of individuals without salary or limited livelihood. Stimuli checks, CARES Act, mortgage/rent forbearances. Just a few alternative efforts, prescribed to reduce the alarm spreading throughout our country that only served to be temporary.

What do we conclude? We continue as planned. We test our December 2019 outline on paper, update vision boards, review our notes from our paid training classes on how to write and run with our vision. We remain connected to the organizations we joined in line with what we were looking at for our future. We refresh ourselves with the registered online trainings we got while opening up the books we had that offered us step by step how to be prosperous in our endeavor.

Meanwhile, we have space to make improvements in our life. We test our goals against a plight we never conceived could take place. I have seen more recent inventions on television commercials in this brief span of time for $19.99 than ever. People are still dreaming and getting paid.

Don’t hand your dreams for the New Year, for this decade over to a temporary condition. We are experiencing a new normal, as we have been hearing and seeing. Your dreams and goals are ready. It may take a few slight modifications. Remember, you said this year, and this decade was your fresh opportunity. I expect we will read and learn how many of the closed small businesses came back stronger and larger.

Now, having experienced this pandemic, how will we move forward? How will we as a nation, as a community, as a family and as an individual stand?

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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