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Discussion: Don't Drown in Shallow Water

December 3, 2021

Too many people are drowning in shallow water. I recall an event many years ago during a youth conference when a guy slipped and fell into the pond on a college campus. He was yelling and screaming, “I can’t swim”. His friend was laughing, which resulted in the guy being more fearful. He continued to yell “I can’t swim” to his friend. The friend yells “Man, just stand up”. The guy looked at his friend and stood. When he stood up, the water was not even to his knees. I have overheard people I know after I witnessed that incident saying, “I feel like I’m drowning”. Inside I was yelling “just stand up”. Remember, I mentioned these were people I knew.

I have expressed thoughts and opinions about fear in past discussions and how it influences our life. I’ve spoken about how fear has a language of its own and is a master storyteller. Fear will masquerade as comfort. Some of us are living the way life is taking us… satisfied. There is nothing wrong with comfort or being satisfied as long as we do not attach regret to it later. What we often see in our mind’s eye is still not visible to our naked eye. We stop paying attention to the stirring inside us, only later to think about what could have been. Think about the words of Winston Churchill's address to “never, never, never give up”. Life can place in our hands more than we can carry. Or it can take from us the little that we had. Don’t label a negative experience for what was only a learning experience. There is invariably a next step.

With each breath we take, life says “We can”. The holidays are approaching and some have decided this will be the worst holiday season ever. They have already determined what they can’t do and focusing on who they won’t be able to see this holiday seasons. Still, excitement is in the air for new beginnings and fresh ideas. There have been many losses this year; yet we have opportunities to keep moving. Release fear and start a new family tradition this season. Don’t neglect keeping a check on the senior members of your family, friends, and extended family. I have heard devastating stories about our elderly struggling to survive through the cold months. Covid has affected Meals on Wheels according to AARP. Many senior citizens have depended on this service for their meals. Some years ago, I read where an elderly man had tragically frozen to death in his apartment. They found him sitting in his chair, which I have to imagine had to be a slow and painful death.

If you notice someone drowning in shallow water, yell at them to just stand up. If they seem not to hear you, step into the water with them and give them a helping hand. Not only will you be holding someone’s hand, someone is holding your hand at the same time. Pay attention to individuals who are now isolating who don’t normally stay to their self. Stop and look in the eyes of the next person you ask, “how are you doing”? Pay attention to You! What is changing about you and you hadn’t noticed? This “new norm” we have been experiencing for almost two years is changing us in ways that we have to stop and take notice. We can’t go on with business as usual, whether we accept the changes. Life is not the same. Whether you believe what is happening is a big hoax doesn’t matter. Life is not the same. It’s as if life gave the world a new start… together!

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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