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Discussion: Don’t Forget Your Second Wind

November 5, 2021

When I was in my twenties, I was dating a guy that was an ex-pro football player. He suggested we go running (absolutely not my idea), but because we were both into impressing one another, I agreed it was an excellent idea. He decided the place, which was a reservoir on my side of the city, and we agree on a time he would pick me up. Because I wished to impress him, I went early, intending to do a couple laps before we started our run. I drove there and to my surprise that little voice in my head said “You have got to be kidding me.” I didn’t stop and returned home. My thought was that I didn’t need to back out or make an excuse. He was the athlete and loved running. I placed my hopes into the outfit I bought to be impressive enough.

He picked me up and when we arrived back at the reservoir; exiting the car, I followed his lead in stretching (I was so proud of myself, my form was noteworthy). We walked over to the designated point; it was as if I was at the starting line waiting for the gun to fire. Five minutes into the run, I told him with no shame, “I’m going back and wait for you back at the car.” He responded, while catching me by my arm, “No Bee you can do this”. He encouraged me the entire time…” come on you got this, you can make it”. I know I could have received the first place in America’s Funniest Video. I don’t think, not even once my posture was upright, but I continued moving. When I finally saw the parking lot, I honestly knew I felt a tear mixed in with the sweat.

As we made the last turn toward the parking lot, he took my arm and said, “Bee, we are going around again.” There will come a time when you don’t know which emotion to release? This was one of those times. He pulled me from the direction of the parking lot as we started around again, making a statement I thought was the strangest thing I had heard. “Bee, you will get your second wind”. Realistically, I was thinking this man was not for me. Suddenly, a feeling starting from the bottom of my stomach shot up into my chest, filling me with something unexpected. My body automatically was upright, and I felt as if I was gliding around the reservoir. I didn’t notice the pain or the tiredness. A smile spread across my face, and I was moving effortlessly beside him. It was an incredible experience. Since then, I have encountered the same intensity many times in my life, just at the point of wanting to quit.

I want you to realize or remember that we have all formed within us, a Second Wind. Just at the moment you see the parking lot and you are ready to stop, there’s that gentle pull. Life is letting you know you are getting ready to get your second wind. With what is taking place in our world, now is not the time to stop. I feel the need to encourage you to continue going, keep looking forward. Before you realize it, a sudden feeling will start in the pit of your stomach. It may be a phone call, a new job, an unexpected letter, a family member or a neighbor, to realize you can pursue your dream, etc. But you have got to keep moving… it will show up, your personal second wind.

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