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Discussion: Fear Not!

June 26, 2020

Down through generations we heard “Fear Not” or “Don’t be Afraid”. An acronym given for fear is “false evidence appearing real”. Still, we accepted fear as a companion throughout society’s past and present. When you drop the f from fear, you have ear. What we hear (again when we the h you have ear) words that enters our ear and has circulated the body.

I prefer to consider our ear as our passage of traveling through life. Just as faith comes by hearing, so does fears. We take what we hear and figure out how we will use it to map out our life. You can figure out in your own mind how you view fear. Let’s consider some points we most likely can agree on.

Fear has a language of its own and is a master storyteller. It will look within your behavior and create a story. For fear being effective it has to be personal and you have to acknowledge the story.

The story sets up an emotion. Fear demands a reaction, whether psychologically or physically. Once the storyteller is a part of your life, it calls for your participation. Choosing the part of you it will enjoy ruling. We know fear is an effective entity. When we recognize its power to almost (and frequently do) paralyze a full-grown person to silence.

I don’t wish to take up for fear, but fear has led some people to achieve extraordinary things with their lives. There are books on feeling the fear and doing it, anyway. There is a healthy side to fear, when we use fear to our advantage and not to fears advantage. I need to expose its primary plan, which is failure.

After the storyteller selects the area (s) to highlight, it must validate the story as your belief. In the meantime, other tenants move into your world. We know a lot of them such as stress, depression, worry and anxiety. I will also call these other tenants prowlers; they will weaken your immune system. They invade in areas creating panic attacks, ulcers, and trigger inappropriate behaviors in many resembling a hostage takeover of the being.

Fear has its own language when communicating:

Attacking your confidence and ability in yourself… “You won’t accomplish that…”

Keeping you connected to past failures or disappointments… “You already tried that several times and you failed”

Convincing you to put off for today what you can do tomorrow… “Just wait until tomorrow and do it” (and we all know tomorrow never shows up, right)

Paralyzed with worry of what others will think of you or what you are doing… “You friend will laugh at you” or “what are you doing now, no one will support you”

Reminder of ones in your family who tried the same thing, and they failed… “How many people in your family have done this and made no money”

Some fear is temporary, for a period in your life. Fear that takes you off course for a specific accomplishment. An achievement meant to produce long-term benefits for you and for others if pursued.

Deep down inside of me I perceive there is a fear embedded within people born to deliver gifts in the earth. Where are our History Makers gifted with ideas of producing another approach of understanding or communication to old methods for this now generation? Where are the speakers being choked by the thought of public speaking, even though they bear within messages for transformation?

How many innovations, books and speeches are in the cemetery that never push pass the doubts? We understand a new normal is on the horizon, how will it show and what will be the sound?

I ask for you to seek inside yourself, single out one area (and there may be only one) and decide. Make a decision for the very reason you feared is the reason you must achieve it. In your mind see yourself turning you self from fear and lock your eyes on faith. Let faith be the eyes you look with and walk by.

I believe there in a natural realm and a supernatural realm. For those who don’t, don’t lose the message, go back to my last paragraph and operate from there.

In my conclusion, faith comes by hearing so when I speak faith; faith hears me and comes to me. Now faith carries the substance of the things I hope for and the evidence of the things I cannot see (yet).

Therefore, in the natural realm I am standing and in the supernatural realm faith is standing. Since I walk by faith (standing in proximity to) we walk side by side (but in different realms). As we walk side by side together faith will deliver to my realm, the evidence and reality of what I hoped throughout our journey together. (Hebrews 11:1).

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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