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Discussion: Hello… Self

May 22, 2020

The most notorious thief in our society has been Childhood for many. So much so, we have people still wearing their childhood clothing inwardly. When provided a fake identity during such an early age you go through life as an imitator.

When identity thief happens at a youthful development, the victims do not know where to look in obtaining their original identity back. Normally the individual (s) who stole your identity, their identity had been stolen. Many in life pass their true self while struggling to match what’s shown to them. At the same time something within doesn’t receive all you hear about yourselves.

As a result, we understand early to create our own inner world. By the time we are adults we have our own internal world acting out the parts we seem not to live outwardly. We simultaneously live in three worlds. The world created by our caretakers, the world we created in our imagination and the actual world. In true, we can walk through all three worlds within a 24 hours’ time period.

Exactly when do we have the time to sit? As the world sought to grant us a recess as we move through a time of quarantine calling for isolation, maybe this is our opportunity. How do you get back what you didn’t realize you had in the first place? Steal my car; I know what my car looks like and can identify it in my effort to reclaim my car. Yet, there’s a craving inside that tells us this is not who I really am.

Despite identity thief, life will provide us clues along our journey. We need to take time and sit with self. Someone challenged me one time about something I mentioned. They asked was that my belief or was I repeating what I was told? I had to stop and figure out where this belief came from.

The frustrations in your life can be a sign. I recall something by Marcus Aurelius, “If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not because of the thing itself, but your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” What brings you stress, take an inventory of why. When someone calls your name in particular situations, who answers… you who they see, or the 9 years old or 16 years old?

I hear many claiming they feel stuck in life… why? Or thought I would be further in life by now… why aren’t you?

We have an inner witness that demands answers. Why do you set goals in life and stop midway? Many have books in their library or on your nightstand by top motivation speakers. Some have taken Dream Building/Goals Setting seminars and their notes are in a drawer after two weeks. The stirring inside you keeps you restlessly seeking for the next best thing.

There’s a song by the late Nancy Wilson entitled, “I Have Never Been to Me”. This can be an epiphany. Don’t let the last conversation of your life be, “he always talking about…” or “you know she always said that one day she would be…” What will this new decade be like for you? Here is a little inspiration.

Nick Vujicic born with no arms or legs is a world sought after motivational speaker. Deaf and blind, Helen Keller, proved you can get a Bachelor of Arts degree and be an inspiring speaker. While he was nearly deaf Beethoven composed some of his greatest music. They document Stevie Wonder who is blind as one of the most successful songwriters and musicians in the history of music. I hope this encourages. Your self need to talk with you and has a lot to say. Let today be the day you say hello… self.

Thank you for joining me... Friday At Sundown, remember to just breathe

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