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Discussion: It’s all about Perception

   By: Chiara Noble

December 2, 2022

Rushing waters cascading down the river or a violent storm with thunderclaps so loud your heart skips a beat. Or the raging winds in the middle of a rainstorm where if you pause for one minute, you’ll become soaked. The anticipation of a crowd when there’s one minute left on the clock at the championship game. The sweat beads on the forehead of the shooter can be visibly seen. Pandemonium or Peace?

The magnified ticking of the clock as you're taking an exam, trying to focus but knowing that the timer will go off any second and you’re not done. Or how about seeing the finish line ahead of you, but in your peripheral, your opponent is gaining speed and there’s a scout in the stands watching? What if you’re up for a promotion that you have been passed over three times, and you’re waiting for the announcement to be made? Pandemonium or Peace?

Watching the live lottery drawing and you have four out of the five numbers needed to win. Every moment feels like an eternity while waiting for the last number to be called. What if there’s an hour left to get to the party? Where you’re the guest of honor, and you notice on the blue suit you are wearing has a stain and there is no time to change? Or if you made your homemade apple pie for a contest only to arrive and one judge is allergic to apples. Pandemonium or Peace?

Your engine dies in the middle of nowhere and roadside assistance says that it will take them two hours before they can send someone to your rescue. Or you’re taking your first flight and the pilot announces that they just returned from your destination and there was severe turbulence. What if you’ve waited on hold for an hour listening to the most horrendous wait music and then someone picks up the line and it disconnects… Pandemonium or Peace?

What if the thunderclaps from the storm were preparing you for intense situations? One you were supposed to get soaked in the rainstorm so that you could remember your umbrella the next time? Or if you needed that defining moment in the game to build up your tolerance for pressure?

What if you were supposed to run out of time on the test, to understand that there isn’t always enough time? Or the point of the race is to not necessarily finish first, but to finish! What if we’re time for you to change career paths, but you needed to be pushed because you would not move voluntarily?

What if you coming that close to winning the lottery and losing was the way to get you to stop gambling? Or you show up at the party in the blue stained suit and win the crowd by explaining the story behind how it all happened. What if the baking contest wasn’t an epic failure after all, but a lesson on the importance and asking for details?

What if while you waited for roadside assistance, you took the time to call someone you hadn’t spoken to in a while? Maybe took a walk or enjoyed the quiet time alone? Or if being told that the flight would be turbulent was preparing you ahead of time, instead of the panic or fear that might’ve come later had you not known. What if the operator that you would have spoken to on the first call wouldn’t have been able to help you at all? But the one you got connected to in the end gave you more than what you were going to ask for?

Often times our perception is our reality, and things are not always what they seem. Try to look at the glass as half full vs half empty. See if anything changes for you. And as the end of another year is upon us, no matter what you may have gone through, remember these words: hope, peace, joy and love!

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

About the Writer:

Chiara A. Noble: Is a visionary, a woman of many talents who wears many hats. She is an

ordained minister, wife, mother, daughter, sister. A published author and the co-host of Victory

Talk, a virtual talk show centered around helping people to grow, speak and live a victorious

life. She is a certified mental health advocate and life coach. She has faced many

trials/tribulations but lives by the saying “storms make trees take deeper roots.”



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Instagram: Key_alicia_


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