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Discussion: It’s Never a Loss!

May 28, 2021

I’ve heard it said, “We are connected to the degree of the battle, to the degree of the assignment”. This could reveal an individual’s life path. Have you considered what will take you to get to your where or there? I’m not speaking regarding the academic achievements mainly. But after the degrees, specific studies, specialized training, what is the image in your mind which you have been providing direction for years showing you? There are those who don’t see a degree as a next step, even though there is a picture in their mind they are pursuing. I wonder what does a person feel that placed them on the path to be a NAVY Seal, SWAT Team member, Salesperson or Store Manager?

What is that stirring of the soul that points in a precise direction? Have you known a person who is very gifted in a specific field, but walks away from it? Then there is that individual that lacks ability in that field but relentlessly fights for it. What are the pictures in their mind or voices in their head guiding them on their life path? Some are at the age where they are soul searching and wish to go back to the fork in the road to take the other path. Still, many are content with their life. They may not have reached what they had visualized and (as the elderly say) their soul still rests contented. Goals not reached as desired, yet within, they are okay. They glance back at life with a smile.

For so many they have maneuvered their progress through obstacles, valleys, mine (mind) fields, even from behind the enemy lines. Retirement now looks good. When trouble knocks at their door, at once a snapshot appears of their past victories. Sleep comes effortlessly and dreams are peaceful. They gained from the previous experiences. Realizing it honestly came… to pass. Nothing lasts permanently. The heartache finally fades with the person. Happy memories soothe the sadness of the loss of their love ones. Betrayal was a misstep in someone else’s behavior, who showed it was time for them to move, but didn’t know how to go. Love never wasted, but made space for what was true. The separation was to serve you both, to seek your correct pathways. So many are still struggling to take someone on their journey. But this does not allow them the freedom to have the gratification of their particular journey.

Life has a way of encouraging us occasionally to carry out the decisions we don’t prefer to make. It is how we label life’s actions that can delay our growth and someone else’s. Remember, we are creatures of habits. We have picked up or adopted habits to accommodate our stress and concern. Try something for a few days or maybe a week. Choose a new emotion to the events that approach you. If they cut you off in traffic, choose an emotion other than your typical reaction. When you hear an unfavorable report, choose a different attitude from your normal response (s). I think you get the picture. I read when we identify something as a problem, stress can automatically occur. If we consider it as a situation, we can typically give the space within time for a solution. Life is going to happen. How we accept life’s circumstances can be the different between stress or tranquility. It happened! Now what is the best way to remain at peace.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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