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Discussion: Keep Moving

January 29, 2021

My mobile phone stopped working this week. My self-analysis of it was that my battery had died. First, I went to my mobile carrier and found out they don’t carry replacement batteries anymore. (um… interesting). From there my journey carried me to four separate places. The reason I’m sharing my little adventure is for the lessons I received.

After completing trips to the first three locations, I found that for the fourth; I had an address and a slight idea of the actual location (The song: The Way We Were. The Lyrics: Memories like the Corners of my Mind). Is where the memory of the location got stuck? So, I turned around and came home to map the location on my computer. Not having a working phone meant no GPS (which I referred to as God’s Protective Services). I started out again, continuing to the phone repair shop. From the map I found I was on the right street when I had turned around, within seconds of the shop’s location.

In my journey, several things transpired. The name of the street I was traveling on changed to the street I was looking for without me realizing it. Strict focus will help us stay conscious of changes, no matter how small. Second, the shop address number wasn’t near the street like most of them were, but set back an alcove of some sort. Sometimes we don’t see things right away when we are searching for specifics. You maybe just moments from where you turned around. To coming back home, pulling up directions on my computer and traveling back to the place I had turned around (mere seconds from my destination).

What takes place when the usual is no longer available… GPS? What is it within that suggests or provoke you to give up or turn around? My goal was to get my phone working. Going to many places seeking guidance. I was determined and exhausted, but continuing to move forward. Now this may sound minor, but what I knew about the goal (to have my phone working) kept me moving.

As much as I’m embarrassed to share my ultimate lesson. I will. When I went to my mobile carrier, I went in saying I needed a battery. What I should have done was express my phone isn’t functioning and let the expert tell me what’s wrong. The last store I went to informed me it was not the battery, but my adapter wasn’t working. I purchased an adapter and my phone is functioning. My ordeal of my self-analysis cost me five (5) hours of many stops and shops.

I recognize this is lengthy, but I wanted to share the detail as a lesson learned. We are about to mark another month off our calendar, our life. Movements become memories. Here I am speaking about personal movement. What did you do five (5) minutes ago? Think about what you did last year, ten (10) years ago. Look back, what do you notice? Do you figure out what caused you to stop or turn around? Can you describe the feelings? Again, we are going into another month in a few days. Take inventory of this month and grade yourself.

My last personal story. Many years ago my parents and I lived in the same state, but different cities. They only lived one hour and a half hour from where I worked. Once or twice a month I would leave work and go spend the night with them during the week. One evening about 20 minutes into my trip, it was as if the sky cracked open. The rain was falling down so hard you could just barely see the car in front of you. Everyone started pulling over to the side of the road, even me. After about 5 or 10 minutes of sitting, I realized no cars had passed by. (Side Note: What I’m about to tell, please don’t follow my lead. I’m simply using a personal experience as a point of reference regarding my experience).

Inside of me, I reasoned, if everybody is sitting, it’s safe for me to be moving. Pulling back onto the interstate, moving at a safe speed in case I came upon cars ahead of me, which may have had the same thought. After I had driven about a half mile, I drove into sunshine. Shock! I couldn’t believe it and looking in my mirror at the storm behind me as I drove in the sunshine. What I realized is sometimes we have to pull over. When we do, we must continue to be watchful. While in our waiting stage we should pay attention of our surrounding. My observation as I looked out at the highway built in me a confidence to continue a move out toward my destination.

Bishop Dale C. Bronner (Word of Faith Ministries) stated, “You can have excuses or you can have growth, but you can't have both”. You’ve heard me say “Fear can masquerade as comfort”. I encourage you to move out of your own way. Keep moving!

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music/motivation message in this video)

Eric Thomas - KEEP GRINDING & NEVER GIVE UP (Eric Thomas Motivation) - YouTube

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