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Discussion: Leap of Faith

May 13, 2022

Belinda M. Lane

One definition for a “Leap of Faith” is an act of believing in or attempting something we cannot prove whose existence or outcome. I read once, “God doesn't wait for things to become favorable... God doesn't have a time frame.” These two sentences produce a delight within me and a realization that I can create, and the conditions don’t have to be favorable.

What I want is to encourage is we don’t experience ‘tomorrows’ per se. We experience yesterdays and todays only. Think about the accompanying example. A man goes into a café and looks at a sign: Free Drinks Tomorrow. The proprietor asks him if he can serve him and he responds “No, I’ll wait until tomorrow” and leaves with the Free drinks tomorrow in mind. When he walks in the next day, he asks for the free drink and the owner points to the sign: Free Drinks tomorrow. He turns and leaves again, waiting until tomorrow when the drinks are free. On the next day, the same guy enters the café and requests the free drink. The owner points to the sign Free Drinks Tomorrow. In his irritation the man yells, “there is no tomorrow”. The owner smiles and says, “Precisely, but most individuals don’t realize it. There is honestly no tomorrow”.

What have you been putting off until tomorrow? I can recall overhearing the seniors in my life saying “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today”. What date is showing in your planner… 2019, 2020, 2021? What was it that affirmed the time of the plan not favorable (for some, I perceive you will maintain its money and justly so)? Yet, is it always money for some or the waiting game for tomorrow?

For many, I trust it will take a Leap of Faith. You may have heard the tale of the man who was in a storm and gone up to the roof of his dwelling. A rowboat came by and they yelled for the man to “jump in.” The man responded, “No, I’ve prayed and God is going to save me.” The man had imagined in his mind God’s hand coming down to deliver him. A motorboat and helicopter came by on separate occasions, and the man ignored their help. “No, I’ve prayed and God is going to save me.” The water eventually rose over the roof and the man drowned. When finally coming face to face with God, the man expressed his pain, “I had faith in you but you didn't save me, you let me drown. I don't understand why? God responded, I came to you three times, you turned me down”. Have we already planned how God is going to work when we pray?

There may be many views you can extract from this example. Not to persuade you in any manner, I wish to share what I got from this story. The man already had in his mind how he expected God was going to rescue him. It was so clear in him, leading to him to pass up three opportunities. I suggest farther. Do we ask with our answer in mind? Are we open to actually hearing God? I will not believe God makes it difficult for us to hear from him. Why would he?

There are many scriptures on asking, but the one I prefer to focus on is, ‘This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. John 5:14’. We measure our asking according to his will, which is his Word. Not merely do some have their answer to what they desire the doing to be, but the time they require the answer to manifest. Not that I choose to shift this in to a bible class, I want to make certain we remain in faith and the right foundation. God has got plans, inventions, builders, philanthropists, leaders for every field of life, places for us to fulfill that are too remarkable to mention.

I recall years ago of hearing Les Brown tell the story of how a woman miss dialed an incorrect digit calling someone and his unlisted phone rang. As she explained what must have happened Les Brown said he detected the sadness in her tone. He inquired if she was ok. The woman informed him her brother had just passed. He was a writer but never got his work published. She was undertaking a means to see his work published. Mr. Brown said the conversation concluded with him offering to support her in getting her brother’s work published. One wrong digit in a phone call became the answer she needed. Let’s continue to work and be persistent and intentional about what we believe we should succeed this year and leave the rest to God


· You could be one digit in a phone call away from fulfilling your dream

· It could be one knock on someone’s door or a knock on your door

· It could be one step into the next building

· It could be one email and all you have to do is press. Send!

. It could be the person you have been meaning to call

· It could be the list of names you wrote last year; that you haven’t called to say… I like to share with you

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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