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Discussion: Mine is Better Than Yours….

J. Anthony Spencer

January 14, 2022

I have a question. When did church become a competitive sport? Is it an odd question? What is odd it the fact that the question is asked at all. I have been on Earth for 65 years. Within that time and thanks to a conscientious mother, I was raised in church. Over the years, I have also attended churches of different denominations. In chronological order, I’ve been Baptist, Apostolic/Holiness, African Methodist Episcopal (AME) and now non-denominational. I won’t go into the personal reasons I moved from one to the other. What I will say that until recently those reasons had been respected, and I didn’t lose either friends, relationships or consideration. Thinking back to my childhood, I remember the words “Mine Is Better Than Yours.” It could have been a parent, a house, a neighborhood or a toy. As an adult, I guess now it applies to the church you attend.

In my youth, we wore bracelets and shirts with W.W.J.D. (What Would Jesus Do) written on them. I don’t believe that Jesus would turn away from us, dependent on what umbrella we serve under. If we Believe and Serve God and his son Jesus. I have to believe it wouldn’t matter under what roof we were under. As long as we held to his precepts. I enjoy going to the movies. I am sure the workers at AMC wouldn’t be mad at me if they saw me going into a Cinemark.

After my biological father passed away, I met several previously unknown nieces. I nicknamed them “The New Nieces.” What I discovered were beautiful young women that are lovely, intelligent, and connected to each other with unbreakable bonds. Their story alone would boggle your mind. I bring them up for this reason. Out of the seven of them, two are Muslim. This family has a bond with a connection unspeakable. Now they share that bond with me. To some I am an uncle. To some I am dad. The fact of the matter is the family bond supersedes the views of the world. The family bond supersedes the established religious groups of the world


Far too many families and friends have allowed their faith or denominations to separate them. Their reactions towards one another are void of demonstrating God’s love. Separating in the name of who, not God! Friendships split because you are physically apart. As we still profess the love of God.

I am proud of my church and embrace all who join. Should any of our current members leave, I would have no animosity towards them. Looking back, I was there when the church I attend took root as a Saturday Gathering. When it moved into its first building, I did not transition to it immediately. It was not my time to move, and I felt there was work yet to be done where I was. While it is true that I left a church to attend another, I did maintain a connection to the former. Or I should say its members. I loved my old church and its members. But I prayed on it before making the move. And in my heart, I think the choice works for both me and my wife. Since the move we have gained a new building and I believe I was instrumental making it the beautiful edifice that it is now. Have I forgotten my former church and its members? Of course not, not being raised that way. I give a shout out to a special friend that while we miss worshipping with each other, our friendship has never wavered.

Church is not a competitive sport. In this day and time, we should all come together in the Body of Christ and live in the way he would want us to. We can think Mine is Better than yours. At the end of the day, we are all one in the Body of Christ.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

Thank you for J Anthony Spencer for this discussion... one of writer on our staff!

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