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Discussion: Misplaced Energy

May 27, 2022

Written by: J. Anthony Spencer.

As the first victims of the Mass shooting in Buffalo are laid to rest there is pain in my soul of being African American/Black in America. You would like to feel that as we move forward to the future that things like racism or (looking at its basis) hate would decrease. But hating a people for the color of their skin, where they were born or how they have been born, has existed as long as man has walked the earth. Its outlined in the bible. Slaves and persecution of a people is there for all to see. Babies are not born into the world hating. It is taught, learned and embraced with a basis that is unnatural. The word Hate as a verb or noun means intense or passionate dislike. When you ask someone why they hate, their faces contort, voices become raised and if you listen and thing about it the explanation makes no sense.

I have been asked “why don’t I hate?” and it can be broken down in two different ways. To give credence to the title my answer would be, “I don’t have the energy”. By that I mean. I can’t hate all Caucasian/White people because I have had friends all my life that are. In fact, somewhere out there is a man, Jack who was closer to me than a brother when we were young. I can’t hate the LGBTQ community because you can’t hate and love simultaneously. I have members and friends who lead alternate lifestyles and I can’t/don’t hate them. I can’t hate all cops because I personally am friends with policemen and state troopers from different jurisdictions and states. And no! Not just the ones of African and Hispanic descent.

[Writer’s Note: The above was written Tuesday morning. The mass shooting had been on my mind and I rose out of bed and came down to my office to type off a few lines while I sorted the rest in my head. I stopped after the second paragraph to think on where I would go next. Sometime after lunch I heard about the shooting in Uvalde. More Misplaced energy by a 18 year-old man that extinguished the lives young and older persons that committed no crime against him. It is now Thursday and I will attempt to finish my thoughts to complete the above]

The second reason I don’t hate is…. That is, if I believe in God, Jesus and the words of the bible then I put Love and Tolerance before hate and anger. Do I get angry at the situations in the world that focus on hate, especially racial hatred? I’m human. Yes, I do. But do I hate all cops because of the bad ones out there? No, I don’t have the energy. And do you think that because they wear badges they condone the actions others that wear them?

Hate and Anger takes energy. Let’s use an example. You are walking down a street, hall of where you work, in a mall. As you do you pass someone(s) who smile. You smile, nod your head maybe even a little “dap”. That good energy washes over you and the smile lingers a little longer. Same situation and you pass someone you don’t like for whatever reason you, stare at them in the hopes of making them uncomfortable or put an effort into ignoring them. As they passed you look over your shoulder muttering your dislike or saying something derogatory and that now misplaced energy floods body and it lingers. Making your already bad day worst. Energy that continues to ripple through your body looking for a release that could be toward an unknown target. Or, worst towards someone you love or loves you, even your children.

Do you see where I am going with this? Now, forgive me if I deviate slightly and include these two terrible and sad events of the last two weeks. These two individuals (both 18 years of age) planned, hated and fumed with destructive energy that when release caused the deaths of multiple innocent victims that had no direct correlation on their lives. The one exception is that Ramos shot his grandmother who had taken the troubled teen in. Ramos texted a friend that he planned to shoot his grandmother, with the next text informing them that he did. [Planned]. Buffalo shooter Gendron, for months built up his arsenal shopping at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo as he planned out his senseless murders. This destructive energy is the antithesis of what the world should be. Instead of hating, try understanding.

[Writer’s Note 2: I have reached another impasse where my thoughts are coming rapidly with little focus. It’s hard to believe we live in a world that even with the lessons of the past we have only slightly evolved. Countries at War. People killed or persecuted for who or what they are. People lives turned upside down by people whose opinion of them is often unfounded. When does this stop? When will we try harder to love instead of hate?]

Transparency: It’s hard to concentrate on this chosen topic without taking in the current events. Friday at Sundown’s tag line is……. Just Breathe. It is just and needed to continue through the day or week. So I do want you to Just Breathe. But before you do. I ask that you say a prayer for the lives lost in Buffalo and Uvalde. Say a prayer for the families and loved ones who are left here to deal with the lost in ways we may never understand. Say a prayer for our world. I can’t help but think with the state of the world this is not the end of events like this. Stay vigilant... Just Breathe! J. Anthony Spencer.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

Thank you for your support (Likes, Shares, Comments)


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