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Discussion: Mother Earth is in ICU

June 12, 2020

Mother Earth is in the Intensive Care Unit on life support. As a whole for the children of Earth, the earth's population has dishonored and exploited the earth and each other that induced the earth to be in agony. Now we recognize when the earth is suffering so are the occupants of the earth… human beings.

Therefore, as inhabitants of the world, they urge us to wear a mask in public; we wipe down shopping carts when going to the grocery store. Many are now wearing disposable gloves outside the home. When we get home, we are leaving our clothes in the laundry room and getting into the shower. We are washing our hands each time we go in the kitchen,

Let talk about our home, which is alive… the Earth! There is a group of uninhabited places around the earth called “nonecumene” (meaning uninhabited areas of the world). We have trees in areas unoccupied by humans in parts of the world and much vegetation not sown by man, yet there is growth. Specifically reminding us the earth is alive. In the occupied areas the earth has us on a schedule when to plant and when to harvest. Not merely are we supplied with food to eat but herbs for the healing of the body, also trees for building, etc. We can say the earth provides us with the means to live.

Contrary to what the earth supplies us with, it is my theory that the greed of man has upset the normal growth of plants and animals. We need it quicker and bigger not to supply the world because people are still hungry; children are yet going to bed hungry... in America. Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is the root of all evil. With every faster and bigger we see the prices in the grocery store goes up (how did chicken wing become the top price part of the chicken and a chicken breast the size of turkey breast?). We are paying more for foods that are producing all kinds of illness by what they are spraying on the crops and shooting into the animals. The pharmaceutical corporations are gigantic business now.

Now let’s talk about the inhabitants of the earth. One of my former pastors in another state always said when you look at a situation start with the foundation. Let’s get started! The foundation: we are human beings and all our internal organs are the same (heart, liver, kidney etc.); we are in two categories male and female. Next we are of diverse skin colors which have classified us as races. Finally, our identity is in race, ethnicity and nationality creating distinct speaking languages around the world.

To explain we are the same, you can be of any race and be an organ donor to another race; race does not determine organ donors. I will let this sentence stand by itself.

The earth has been in and out of the emergency room throughout history. I only want to point out Black slavery and the Holocaust right now. These human beings live deemed worthless by other human beings. There has been a steady pace throughout history of what lives mattered and ones that didn’t matter. Let's fast forward to 2020, where humans are continuing being judged by other human lives deeming them meaningless.

African American: Ahmaud Arbery killed by white father and son, while he was jogging on February 23, 2020

African American: Breonna Taylor: Shot 8 times by police officers after they allegedly executed a search warrant of the wrong home on March 13, 2020

African American: white policemen killed George Floyd on May 25, 2020

The Earth has been inhaling and exhaling as humanity has reasoned it’s allowed to abuse each other in evil ways. There have been other merciless acts that I need not mention, because we are all aware what plagues our society.

Additionally, I believe what struck my heart the heaviest were the churches fighting to get back into their building at the news we were experiencing a pandemic and the states impose an stay at-home order. The doors of the churches were closed. Why was there a need to protest or violate a state order when we as the church could now discuss and strategize how to reach just the community surrounding our churches? In my mind I was thinking finally we are where we can start anew in making a difference. Aren’t we the church? Aren't we also trying to determine how to be ready to face the new normal… plus when did we forget the mandate given us to, “go you into the entire world and preach the gospel”?

To the churches that have so readily answered the call… Amen! It has been unquestionable you have answered the call. Thank you for taking food to the various staffs in the hospitals, and other first responders. Not only but also for remembering to call our seniors and taking them food and other supplies. Your service as food banks for your communities.

Along with the other community social organizations that remembered many school children's main meal is when they go to school, you made provisions to still feed our children. I realize there are churches out there in the trenches fight to feed the hungry, setting up safe houses for ones in domestic violence situations, having meetings in their churches for AA, NA, Veterans and Celebrate Recovery, again Thank you for your labor of love.

People are dying in the street and homes from drugs. The National Institute of Drug Abuse, Wilson M. Compton, and Annals of Epidemiology reported age 50 and up shows an increase in illicit drug use will increase from 1.6 million in 1999 to 2001 to 3 million in 2020… oh my goodness. It said illicit/illegal drugs. According to the CDC in 2017, 194,377 babies were born to women (children we now have to call women) aged 15-19 years old. The New York Times reports Murders by Intimate Partners are on the Rise (domestic violence.) We truly have got work to do.

In my conclusion, Mother Earth, and trust me on this, is coming out of ICU with a vigorous agenda to instruct us how to take care of the earth and each other. Let us as all humanity do our part to fall in place and restore the earth.

Mother Earth has called all of us to be first responders.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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