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Discussion: PAST... Posing As Truth

July 17, 2020

(Please read my Disclaimer on my Blog main page before reading today’s discussion. Thank you)

Today let’s discuss the past posing as truth. But first I want to talk about something that we all live by, which is time. Time, what is it and its connection to our future? Let’s just think about time? We live in it and all we do time is a part of it. Night then day, morning and evening, we act in it; we build our existence in it and around time. Something we can only see by a clock. We try to keep up with it each day or it can leave behind a memory of the day. Time can take from us or give to us. Time!

Reach out, we can’t touch it, but you can feel it. We watch time and generate plans around it. We drape ourselves within 24 hours and then determine if we use it wisely, let it pass by, wasted it, controlled by it. Ticking every second with or without us from the day we were born until we die. Time is the carrier of our story, a predictor. We set everything we do according to time. We get out of bed and go to bed based on time. Our work days and our commute time, lunch time, recreational time, spiritual time, our behavior rest on it.

Let’s admit, how often do we step back and consider ourselves in the world of time we had created? We all become of age to accept our way of life. We step out of the timeline established for us by our parent (s) or guardian (s). Most never realize they are in a space to begin their own life within life. We carry the old into the new and trap ourselves in someone else’s space, world.

We take the past and place it within our present, dragging a time that only exists in our mind. There are individuals who carries the weight of their past within, that couldn’t physically carry the same weight outside if they had to pick it up and put it on their back. Daily many gets out of bed and pick up the past before they can even step into the shower, committed to think it is truth they are holding on to. They walk through the day, shifting the load to make it through the day.

Time therefore, broken into seconds, minutes, hours, day’s etc. meaning every second we have a fresh start. Outwardly, we can never relive, not even in the past second. The phase “time stand still for no man” is correct. While this is accurate, we argue with the saying that “time heals all things”. A past posing as the truth that once existed in our life, but doesn't exist now. A decision to wrap the past around wounds from childhood, adult abuses, betrayals, and lost love one’s by shutting out the next refreshing minutes of our life.

Our inner self whereas is gasping to breathe. The old no longer continue, yet we engage in keeping it alive. We will deem anyone insensitive and with no understanding of what we have gone through in life. If they even suggesting to us, let go of our past. The past posing as truth, trapping us in a life that no longer exists

Take a deeper view. See a past event in life and sit with it briefly. Then look at the time frame that experience took place. For some it may have been as far back as the 40s or 50s, for others as early as the 90s and 2000s. If you can see yourself sitting with what occurred in that time frame (s). Example, if it was mental or emotional abuse, set in that time span of 1955. 1955 no longer exist and the actual happening doesn’t exit. There is no way you can be harmed now by the situation (s), except through our mind.

Still, you carry 1955 into 2020 reliving what is not real now. After placing the occurrence in the present frame, stamp it as “Closed”. It is close, that stage no longer is present. Everything in our life happened within a certain time period. The past has expired, it is not here. Let it go!

Just breathe! You have the opportunity now to change your past and go forward in your life. You can no longer blame what don’t exist. Never minimizing what took place; only reminding you are free now. Free to design your own way of life. Live beyond any physical, mental or emotional pain in this current decade. Free to remove their conversation in your head and start a healthy communication.

I hope what I am speaking will provide you hope and strength to know you can go on. Understand all the harsh words, all the various abuses, and all the sickness that you have encountered, you can and must advance forward.

Just think, from the moment you started reading this your time has refreshed by minutes. You are not in the same place in time you were when you started reading. Take time and release yourself from the life slot that was someone else time and not yours. Remember, you are the one now in charge of you. You are walking in the freshness of your space, not someone else’s. Stop carrying their illness. They shifted their pain on you to support them in bearing their trouble. I will end this evening conversation with a hymn that may encourage you to get started.

(Again, I thank my younger self for this discussion and helping me to move on, as I encourage you too.)

Song: Come ye disconsolate (sad/unhappy), where ever, ye languish (weak/suffering) your mind. Come to the mercy seat, fervently (passionately) kneel; Here bring your wounded heart, here tell your anguish (severe mental and physical pain or suffering), Earth, oh, has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal… per history written by Thomas Moore in the 1800s.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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